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Football News: Huddersfield Town v Liverpool Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

Huddersfield Town v Liverpool Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective
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Huddersfield Town v Liverpool


After such a dire performance last time out, this was like night and day, so much better. While Huddersfield were a bit limp, to be kind, they were pegged back by a professional performance. What was particularly impressive was the control of the game Liverpool maintained pretty much from start to finish. Though the Terriers never really got at Liverpool, in large part that was because they were not allowed to.


Klopp - the team showed a bit more of the intensity and pressing that always improve performances under Klopp. Still not anywhere near at their best but it was a large jump in the right direction. A lot of credit has to go to Klopp for picking energy and legs in the midfield to keep them penned in.


Karius - had the deck chair out for most of the game, with the odd foray up the pitch to sweep up that looked more like they were a desire to be involved than because he needed to.


Gomez - it was almost a back three when Liverpool had possession as Gomez only moved forward on rare occasions, mostly content to sit in and defend. It suits him to play that way and he looked very comfortable, though he was not really put under any kind of pressure.


Matip - the kind of game he enjoys - no defending to do!


Lovren - like Matip, he had very little defending to do and neither were tested.


Robertson - good game, he offers an outlet on the left and was given the freedom to get forward at will. Still needs to work on picking someone out with his crosses though.


Can - massive improvement on the previous game. Got forward well and scored, though with the aid of a deflection. He looks so much better when playing like this. The freedom of having Henderson behind him seemed to give him a new lease of life to just play and enjoy the game. The big issue with him is that he constantly got in the way of passes that were not meant for him. However later in the game he did provide a couple of good crosses.


Henderson - Liverpool always look better when he is playing at his best. He had a decent game and his intensity always seems to lift some of those around him.


Milner - had a good game, his energy and workrate was particularly useful, keeping Huddersfield hemmed in when they threatened to break. Also good to see him doing the opposite of Neymar and letting someone else take a penalty.


Salah - scored once more, admittedly a penalty and looked more dangerous than he has for the last couple of games.


Mane - really beginning to look more like the Mane of last season. He did not manage to get a goal, but his performance, especially in terms of his team play, was much better.


Firmino - I know a lot have blamed his goal on the Huddersfield keeper, but it was his ability to look away the entire time and yet put the ball into the net from a tight angle that created the goal. It was like a no-look pass, except it took even more skill as he only had a tiny space to aim at. His pressing and constant running was key to the victory.



Wijnaldum - came on for Henderson in the 83rd minute with the game over. Never had enough time in a match which was over to be judged.

Oxlade-Chamberlain - also came on in the 83rd minute, replacing Salah. Like Wijnaldum there was little in the game to give him any time to make an impression.

Solanke - 89th minute sub for Firmino. Barely got a chance to get on the pitch really.

Written by Tris Burke February 02 2018 08:50:31