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Football News: A review of the current Chelsea FC team

It's increasing likely that conte will be axed as manager of Chelsea FC. I for one found his tactics very defensive and a tad out of date now, but surely the players can't just down tools when they feel like it and should shoulder some of the blame as a team.

In my opinion, i think we have a great squad. i don't think signing world class players just for the sake of it always makes a great team. We look at players as robots who should be constantly brilliant week in and week out.

How hard must it be, to be expected to win and win well all of the time? Imagine that; to be expected to be great all the time with the whole world watching, that's pressure that must take its toll. In work and at home, they are like modern day rock stars and we know what they got up to in the past.

Remember they are human, have feelings and get tired with work as well and they are constantly under pressure not to do anything wrong or the tabloids will have them.

i know they get paid huge amounts of money, but whose fault is that? We buy into the big circus with our subscriptions and think that gives a right to attack these players at will for what - not having a good day at work!

i for one aren't 100% on fire at my work 100% of the time, i'm human. Things happen in my private life that affect my work, my play and everything that goes on in my life. We don't know what's going on in the background with some of these players? i think its time to give them a break and let's get behind the team and the club.


In my opinion i think we have a great team. i think it is only second to Manchester City:

Tibo - is 1 of the best keepers in the world and Willy is a great back up.

Luiz - like him or loathe him he tries and has great skill and last year was great for us and would fit into any top six defence.

Cahill - been a great servant to the club and has played very well up to now. He is coming to the end of his career, but we didn't hound Terry out did we!

Azpi - i'd say the most consistent player in the league and would grace any team in Europe.

Alonso - not world class but does a good job, hasn't ever let us down and scored some great goals.

Moses - not living up to last years standards, but has played so many games other than Trippier and Walker, he is up there with the best in Premier League.

Zappacosta - going to be controversial here, i have no idea why he gets so much stick. i think for his first season at a new club and country he is doing a good job.
Great at crossing, decent shot, defends well, what more do you want from a wingback?

Christensen - we never give youth a chance lol if there good enough and willing to give everything they will stay at Chelsea. he has blossomed into a great player and that is down to his hard work rate.

Rudiger - i think has been a great signing settled really quick played in every possible position at back and has never put a foot wrong and never moaned about playing time me personally would play him all the time.

Kante - great little player, i just wish they would leave him to just defend and not play him as a two in midfield. i don't think it suits him. he's a destroyer, not a pass and move midfielder. i don't think his passing is good enough to be in a 2 man midfield, but if you put him in a diamond or three and ask him to do a defensive job, he would be world class.

Bakayoko - everyone's favourite current topic! i feel for this guy as i think he is being played in a midfield that doesn't suit his game at all. He isn't used to getting the ball with a man on his back facing the wrong way turning and passing in a new league of which is the fastest and most intense in the world. Look at his position in France, it was to sprint forward and receive the ball at his feet and bring the play up the field with his pace and power, a bit like yaya used to do. Give him time i think he will be a great signing.

ed on bakayoko if chalobah had been guaranteed the playing time baka has recieved would he perhaps stayed i did find that sale puzzling

Drinkwater - i like him as a squad player i can't argue with the boards purchase of him. Good english professional that rarely has a bad game can't all be superstar flair players.

Fabregas - One of best passers in European football, but as the last game suggested, he is too slow to play in a two man midfield. Pirlo was hardly Usain Bolt, but was used correctly. Is Cesc being used to his best capabilities? i fear not.

Barkley - time will tell whether he could be a good squad player to have on the bench or he could be a brilliant player for us £15 million, be mad not to take that gamble, it's up to him

Pedro - i love Pedro, always gives 100%. Can be hot or cold, but always tries and comes up with some important goals. He is better than a lot of attacking midfielders in the top 6.

Willian - same as Pedro and its no coincidence Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United are linked with him. He works tirelessly and was player of the year 2 years ago.

Hazard - amazing player up there with Ronaldo and Messi, no? He doesn't score enough for me and i wish he would be more selfish and just go alone like last match as a perfect example.

Morata - the jury is out on him, but a wonderful talent. Just a bit soft, goes down too easy, but at the beginning of te season he was unreal.

Giroud - i think he is a clever piece of business in my book. He seems a great player to have in the dressing room and pops up with some good important goals, what more do you want?

All in all, a great squad with youth coming through. Out of all the youth players, Ampadu looks like a player. Yes we have let a lot of youth go, but when i see them now, do i honestly think they're good enough? the answer is probably not:

Zouma, Van Ginkel, Abraham, RLC, Chalobah, Ake, Atsu, many more. i don't see them setting the world alight at so called 'lesser' clubs. i don't know what the romanticism of bringing through the youth has people so hooked. I personally don't care who plays for us and how much it costs, it's not my money and if you're not good enough, then you're not good enough, whether you are 15, 25 or 35, it makes no difference.

Yes, we have lost some cracking players as well lately, but i'm sure Chelsea FC didn't just say, get out. Sometimes players just don't fit. I have faith in the club to sort things out. I like this squad of players, i really do, just wish Conte would get the best out of them as he does seem like a good manager. However, sometimes things don't work out.

Regarding the players; give them some slack, they are young guys in a foreign country trying to learn the language, the customs and other stuff that comes with living away from home. it can be difficult especially in a very competitive and cut throat industry.

Yes they have the best job in the world doesn't mean it's easy though.

Written by gianfranco gola February 06 2018 21:51:40