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Football News: A view of the current Chelsea players from an older fan

I have been a Chelsea supporter for more years than I wish to remember, always supported them, no interest in any other club but at the same time do not hate any other club and I have also had more highs and lows than is healthy.

When RA came to the club he paved the way for success, a success I and many of my age had craved for all our supporting lives but in Chelsea tradition it did not take long for it to go wrong. We have lacked stability and / or continuity since his arrival. The manager list we have had reads like a who's who of management but somehow we seem to move them on and that is a major worry and the question is why?

Certainly to have managers and players where their families live outside the country is not conducive to long term relationships and I think that should be a consideration with appointments and I believe good players and managers do not become bad overnight and we really need the hierarchy to show more patience also and of course that old favourite, transfers where it appears to me far too many people in the loop not least between RA and MG and Conte's comments are mirroring Mourinho's about not getting players they want and / or need.


I disagree with the assertion that footballers have off days like us mere mortals, our lives are totally different. A footballer earning £100,000 a week upwards with the very best of everything to monitor his well being, granted can have an off day on the pitch where nothing goes right, but anything else is no excuse. He feels off colour for whatever reason there are sufficient players to step in.

Every football fan in the world, in his head, is a better coach / manager, tactician and selector than anyone in charge of their club, we all do it and that is why we have football fan sites, to hear other opinions whether we like what they say or not; if we all agreed and there would be no fan sites.

A view of the current Chelsea FC players through the eyes of an older supporter:

Conte: An inspirational manager but tactically poor but I would like him to see out his contract and extend it but I don't think he will.

Courtois: A very good keeper but I do not think merits 'world class'. His play out of defence is very poor and at times his positioning let's him down. Cech pre-injury I thought was much better. Given his family situation I am sure this will be his last season.

Azpilicueta: An excellent right back and that is exactly where he should play, nowhere else. Not had the best of seasons defensively but has been pulled all over the place. Thought he would make a good captain after Terry but I no longer think so.

Christensen: Surprised me with his improvement since returning as I never thought him anything special when in Germany but to me he still has a lot to learn before the 'special' can be attached.

Rudiger: Taken time to adjust but starting to look solid and I believe warrants a regular place.

Cahill: Plays his heart out, definitely not captain material and is being found out against pace and unless he and they are happy to have an elder statesman in the dressing room, time to move him on.

Luiz: I do not like him in defence, too rash and emotive but I have always felt he is a first class midfielder. Good long pass, pace and fantastic shot and the all important aerial ability.

Alonso: A serious lack of pace is his Achilles Heel. Overlapping or getting back is stopping him from being a major addition to the team. Fabulous dead ball specialist and excellent in the air but getting up or back is finding him out.

Moses: Something of an enigma who gets bad press when he shouldn't and plays better with good players around him who help him make things happen as he cannot do it on his own. Not a winger or really a wing back but his pace enables him to get by and until something better comes along should keep his position.

Kante: A very good reader of the game who reminds me of Claude Makalele but has not reached those lofty heights as his distribution is poor and this season has been dragged every which way covering for failings in our midfield.

Fabregas: A player who nowadays should only be picked against certain teams where he will have time and space. Slow and has no tackle at all in his armoury but still one of the best passers of the ball in the EPL. I would try and capitalise on a sale at the season end.

Drinkwater: A steady player who has had little chance to build a rapport with his team mates in match conditions and Leicester newspapers have indicated he is getting disillusioned so unless he is given game time he could be one looking to move at the season end. I would have played him more over Bayakoko this season.

Bayakoko: I really do not know what to make of him. I have said many times he looks like an athletic guy trying to play football and currently I see him as an absolute waste of money. His first touch is shocking, which is forgivable for a while, if you see other assets coming through but he just seems to be clumsy. On all evidence to date I would have preferred Chalobah to have stayed.

Zappacosta: I am surprised he gets slated so often. Clearly a squad player and generally gives his all. Yes, he makes mistakes but who isn't in the team at the moment. Not a bad defender, quick with some skill and a good shot and at times appears to be trying too hard.

Pedro: Did not want us to sign him but he has exceeded my expectations. That said I only see him as an impact player, giving his all for 50 minutes and that's it, he fades but he brings skill, pace and a great shot which on its day wins us games.

Willian: I like Willian and a loathe him. Unbelievable work rate, quick and skilful with a great shot so why does he slow moves down, why does he over complete things and why doesn't he score more; a career record of just under a goal every six games for Chelsea is very poor. He is running out of time I think at the club and the question is, will he be with us next year?

Morata: I was a big fan, lovely movement, nice passing touch and superb heading judgement BUT I see someone who might be faint hearted if not fragile. He has the ability but he is being caught out by EPL defenders being on him so quickly and adopting a 'let's fall over' style that is getting painful to watch. On form and in the right frame of mind, a must play.

Hazard: Pure class but not a Ronaldo or Messi. Would benefit with another attacking midfielder around him which might assist with his lack of consistency and for the possession he has, a goal every four games is poor. I am adamant that our league is the best place for him because defenders commit which he uses to his advantage to get by and cut across and tempt the tap tackle. If he is unhappy then there is no point trying to get him to stay but a class player that needs more support than he currently gets.

Barkley: I never wanted him as I think he will never fulfil his early potential. I would love him to prove me wrong but to date it would not be fair to say anything other than 'give it your best shot'.

Giroud: Would I have bought him, probably not but will he be an asset now we have, I believe so for a couple of seasons. Stick him in the middle and with his headed goals and knock downs he could be very useful to those mentioned above.

We have plenty of good youngsters but their issue is having the ability and desire to move up a huge notch from youth football to senior where their build, pace and strength are not such an advantage and as we know there have been many favourites who have moved on and few, if any will set the world alight. Of the current crop I like Ampadou, Hudson-Odoi and Dujon Sterling.
I think we have an average squad who have over achieved.

Written by C1955 February 07 2018 21:26:10