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Football News: How i see the current Liverpool team

I could be one of the few Liverpool supporters who likes Clyne. I think Clyne is pretty solid, nothing flashy like Walker, but he does the basics well, like Hendo and Gini. He knows how to keep the ball and he knows when and how to apply pressure on that right flank.

Saying all that, I really like TAA at right back. I like him anywhere on the park. He has got that flashy style.

The thing with TAA and Gomez is that they are both playing out of position. Klopp is giving them the experience they need and eventually Gomez will partner VVD. That seems obvious to me. Arnold, I can see playing in that front three maybe, more likely in that midfield. Let's not forget Gerrard started at right back. So we only have one real right back and that is Clyne. So maybe we go for a right back in the Summer.

I think the cbs are sorted, in Lovren and VVD we have a pretty sorted defence in my opinion. £100 million partnership. Klavan was actually playing pretty well before Christmas, football has changed, this rotation system isn't just random.

Klopp picks the cbs who he thinks can handle the opposition. Matip ain't great but for free he is well worth keeping. I have seen him playing brilliant at Anfield. People forget the good stuff so quick but dwell on the mistakes. We have 5 cbs who can all do a job, they are all getting better too.

Left backs; I think Robertson has settled really well, i think he has taken our Left back situation to a new level. The boy can cross the ball, I think he has been told not to keep whipping balls to the far post, we are not Hull. We want the ball to the feet.

He played a lovely ball across the face of goal, no one was there to tuck it in. Moreno is too good a player to sit on the bench. I think he goes in the Summer, it's a shame because he was playing blinding before Christmas but Robertson is more Liverpool, if you know what I mean. Alberto will do fine in Italy or Spain.

With the goal keeper situation, i just don't know! Karius is doing quite well, I think he has until the end of the season to prove himself. I like the lad, looks awesome in training, I don't think he has had a fair chance at Liverpool yet.

I'm just glad Simon Mignolet is out. Possibly the worst first choice keeper we have ever had. Sorry Simon, you'd be better off at Huddersfield or Brighton.

Can't wait for Keita! Our midfield is going to be beautiful next season, Lallana fit too, we have so many attacking midfielders it must scare the opposition.

Our forwards - I need not say a thing. 60 goals between the three of them; devastating.

Article written by Supersalah

Written by Supersalah February 13 2018 21:49:12