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Football News: Review Of The Day 12th March 2018

Review Of The Day 12th March 2018
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Review of the Day


Brooking Fears The Atmosphere Around The Club Will Take Hammers Down

Trevor Brooking is worried that the scenes from the weekend will stop West Ham United surviving this season. A number of pitch invasions, a nasty atmosphere and fears for the directors' safety, including one being hit by a coin, led Brooking to say: "Before yesterday they had six home games out of nine, which to a certain extent looked an advantage. When you've just lost 3-0, had people coming on to the pitch and a lot of people venting their frustration to the directors - that means the next five games at home look pretty bleak. There is no way the team is going to play and get the points to stay up under that sort of atmosphere. It is impossible. That atmosphere must never come back in the last five games otherwise the club is in serious trouble and the players won't be able to deliver. Just don't come to the games at the moment until you try to allow the players to get the points to stay up," he told BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek. "That atmosphere must never come back. Before the final whistle, two of the directors went upstairs - were asked by the security people to do so. I think a coin did hit David Sullivan on his glasses. I didn't see it but I did have that confirmed, which was part of the reason why they thought people in the directors' box should go inside to save any more problems like that. The club are obviously going to have to look at things with the local police and make sure that trained stewards and police are in place - you're almost looking at it and saying, 'this is out of control'," Brooking said. "It was sometimes going back to the bad old days of 20-25 years ago. I saw some families leaving because the youngsters were frightened. The level of aggression was something I couldn't believe a West Ham fan would get involved in. All I would say, between now and the end of the season is, 'anyone who has got that aggressive frustration just don't come to the five home games that are left' because we need everyone - all the fans and the team - all working together to try to get sufficient results." Some children even ended up sitting on the Burnley bench amongst their substitutes to escape the protests.


Barca Agree Option To Buy Arthur

Gremio midfielder Arthur looks set for Barcelona in the summer after the Catalan giants agreed a deal to give themselves first option on him. The 21 year old will cost them over £30m if they decide to take up their option. A Barca statement read the Arthur: "stands out for his passing ability. Another of his qualities is his ability to lose his man, a factor that makes him a danger close to the opponents' area. The Brazilian is excellent at protecting the ball and can come up with the final pass in the final third."


Guardiola Believes England Would Benefit From More Going Abroad

English youngsters have recently begun to look for moves abroad in order to get playing time and Man City manager Pep Guardiola has now backed them, believing it will help England in international football. Guardiola referred to Spain's success with players who moved abroad to further their career in the English league, when he said: "When they came back into the national team, they were stronger. They were better. They did very good things that helped Spanish football. Could that benefit the England team? I think that's true. I think it's a good experience to move to another country and see different realities to your own. I think the Premier League is a wealthy league and maybe the English players prefer to stay. For me, the most important thing is to make the second-team league stronger. Without that, it will be tough for the English national teams. That is my personal view."


Carragher Apologises For Spitting Incident

Sky TV pundit Jamie Carragher has apologised after spitting into a car from his own vehicle. After being mildly taunted about the defeat his former team Liverpool suffered against Manchester United, Carragher leaned across and deliberately spat into the open window of the car hitting the 14 year old girl in the passenger seat. It is difficult to see how his media career can survive his own stupidity after this.


Sarri Apologises For Outburst

Following his Napoli side's goalless draw with Inter Milan left the Neapolitans a point behind Juventus having played a game more, Mauricio Sarru was if that meant their title hopes were gone. "You're a woman, you're nice, so I won't tell you to f*** off," the Napoli boss said. Straight after the press conference he went back over to the journalist to apologise personally.


Greek Match Halted After Pitch Invasion By Team Owner

In the Greek Superleague, Greece's equivalent to the Premier League, a 90th minute disallowed goal by the home team PAOK Salonika led to two pitch incursions by PAOK's owner Ivan Savvidis. Confusion reigned as a goal was signalled then the referee indicated it was being disallowed for offside, followed by Savvidis taking to the field dressed in an overcoat and accompanied by bodyguards. According to the away team, AEK Athens, Savvidis threatened the referee before being pulled away. He then returned to the pitch minus the coat leaving a view of what looked to be a pistol in its holster. The game was suspended and the crowd told to disperse. AEK said on their official website: "The match was interrupted when referee Kominis correctly did not score Varela's goal, as assistant [Kostas] Pontikis pointed out. There followed the invasion of Ivan Savvidi's playground with his personal guard... and the withdrawal of the referees in the changing rooms. After about two hours and after the referee continually changed the decision to award or not the goal, he concluded that the goal counts and decided to stop the match." In the footage Savvidis can clearly be seen moving his hand to his waist, where the pistol was holstered to hold his hand on the gun. AEK's Spanish coach Manolo Jimenez told Cadena SER: "We didn't know if he had a gun, then we saw it. It could be seen that he was moving his hand towards his waist because he had a gun. He threatened the referee right in front of me. According to my interpreter, he told him: 'You're finished as a referee'." AEK also complained that Savvidis attacking their director Vasilis Dimitriadis as their players refused to play the final seconds of the match due to fears for their safety. PAOK's previous home game against another title rival, Olympiakos, never even reached kick off after Olympiakos coach Oscar Garcia was hit in the face by a cash register paper roll thrown from the stands, causing an injury requiring hospital treatment. PAOK had only overturned their 3 point deduction and home stadium ban after that incident on appeal that morning.


Las Palmas Coach Tells The Club To Get Rid Of Everyone Including Him

Struggling La Liga side Las Palmas lost 2-0 to Villareal, making it six games without a win and leaving them marooned at the bottom of the table four points off safety. Head coach Paco Jemez has launched an astonshing rant afterwards, suggesting the club clear the decks of all the playing and coaching staff. Jemez said: "When you don't play like a Primera team, everything goes wrong. It was a real disaster in every way, with things that I thought had passed but reappeared. I'll try to think that it was just a very bad day, but it can't be repeated. If it is, we're dead. I appreciate that Villarreal are Villarreal, but there was a huge difference in pace between the two teams. Everything failed, we didn't do anything right. We weren't able to keep the ball for even half a second. They looked like they were flying on a plane, while we had our legs tied. We got worse with every touch. It was real chaos out there. If they had money and time, they'd have a reason to get rid of everyone here, me being the first, and bring in 24 new faces. We weren't up to scratch today, but there's no remedy. If I have to promote eight of the B team then I will, even though I'd be very sorry for them because they've played a lot."


Arsenal Official App In Mustafi Red Card Mistake

Arsenal's social media team seem to have not shaken off the previous bad form the Gunners were showing as their official app sends out push notifications to fans that Shkodran Mustafi had been sent off. 25 minutes before the match even kicked off!


Nelson Upset At Being Left On Bench

With a bench full of youngsters and Arsenal cruising at 3-0 ahead of Watford, their third and final substitution, with just 10 minutes or so left to play, caused anger on their own bench. With the game over and youngsters Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah and Joey Willock on the bench, Arsene Wenger chose to introduce Jack Wilshere to the game. Nelson was clearly upset by the decision and threw his bib after being informed of the choice made.


De Gea Sends Boots To Lookalike Youngster

A youngster tweeted a congratulatory message to Manchester United's David de Gea following the win over Liverpool with a picture of himself dressed up to look like the goalkeeper, beards and man bun included. De Gea was so impressed he sent the boy some football boots to complete the outfit.

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