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Football News: Football-Rumours Editors Premier League Season Awards

Football-Rumours Editors Premier League Season Awards
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Football-Rumours Premier League Awards


I apologise but I forgot who requested this from the Liverpool site, but, in the wake of the PFA awards, the editors have got together to choose their Premier League award winners. Though I also have to apologise for Ed007, who seems to have misunderstood which Premier League we were discussing.....


Manager of the Year

Ed002 - Sean Dyche (Burnley).
Ed003 - Sean Dyche (Burnley).
Ed004 - Would love to give it to Dyche for job he's done but has to be Pep for winning the league so easily. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)
Ed007 - Brendan Rodgers if we win another Treble but Stevie Clarke has done wonders at Kilmarnock. Who knows?? (Some foreign club)
Ed018 - Pep Guardiola (Manchester City).
Ed025 - Pep Guardiola (Manchester City).
Ed033 - Pep Guardiola (Manchester City).
Ed333 - Sean Dyche (Burnley).
Ed001 - Not sure how Pep can even be considered, as he has underachieved if anything, by not winning the Champions League as that is his remit there. It has to be Sean Dyche, he has massively overachieved and surely that should be the criteria for winning the award? Sean Dyche (Burnley).

The Winner Is: Sean Dyche. Tied on 4 votes each with Guardiola, the award deservedly goes to Dyche as I am the deciding vote. Plus Pep has a league and league cup winners medal as his awards, so Dyche should get recognition for his achievements. They have had to cope with a crippling injury list and he has still kept Burnley in the running for the Europa League. That has to be ranked as a bigger achievement than winning the Prem with Manchester City, which is not that difficult as Roberto Mancini and Mauricio Pellegrini managed that, and neither of those are particularly outstanding managers.


Player of the Year

Ed002 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed003 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed004 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed007 - Scott Brown (I thought he was a golfer, I am pretty sure his club would be the PGA).
Ed018 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed025 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed033 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed333 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed001 - The only real alternative I could see to Salah was David Silva, who has been incredible this year, once again. However I have to go with the flow, his achievements have stood out, it has to be Mo Salah. Mo Salah (Liverpool).

The Winner Is: by a landslide Liverpool's Mo Salah. I am going to resist the temptation to make any jokes about Harry Kane claiming it.


Young Player of the Year

Ed002 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed003 - Raheem Sterling (Manchester City).
Ed004 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed007 - Kristofer Ajer (sounds Norwegian, perhaps Rosenborg?).
Ed018 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed025 - Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool).
Ed033 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed333 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed001 - Having ruled out Sterling because it is player not playa, for me it has to be Wilfred Ndidi. Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City).

The Winner Is: with over half the votes Man City winger Leroy Sane. Obviously there has been some kind of mistake though, as this would suggest I was wrong! We will have to have a recount....


Most Improved Player of the Year

Ed002 - James Tarkowski (Burnley).
Ed003 - Andrew Robertson (Liverpool).
Ed004 - Jesse Lingard (Manchester United).
Ed007 - Callum McGregor (UFC).
Ed018 - Jamaal Lascelles (Newcastle United).
Ed025 - James Tarkowski (Burnley).
Ed033 - - (I am not sure who dash is? Or is it hyphen? This is as confusing as when Prince changed his name to that squiggly thing).
Ed333 - Raheem Sterling (Manchester City).
Ed001 - I am surprised to see Sterling given a shout, as he is still doing exactly what he did at Liverpool, running around very fast and unable to strike a ball properly, but with a better team around him to create him more opportunities to slice the ball into the net. Even more surprised to see Tarkowski given a shout as he has given away so many penalties due to being simply not good enough. Just seems like players that are being carried by better team-mates getting credit they do not deserve to me. I was tempted to go with Gary Cahill due to how much Chelsea improved once he was dropped, but then Antonio Conte spoilt it by returning him to the team. But instead, my serious answer has to be Son, who has finally started to show the quality he has. Heung-Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur).

The Winner Is: James Tarkowski. The only player to get more than a single vote, somehow. Ben Mee should be congratulated for once again making an average defender look worthy of an award. I wonder if we should not have a special award for 'Player Carrying Most Team-Mates'?


Goal of the Season

Ed002 - I rarely watch football, so no idea - and the person I asked about the other questions is not in England all of the time to watch football.
Ed003 - Not got a scooby. I think that means he has been too busy watching cartoons while his wife is building their new fence under his 'supervision'.
Ed004 - Hard to remember them all Obiang v spurs, Wanyama v Lpool and Valencia v everton all come to mind. Seems Ed004 is hedging his bets, not sure if he is after a game for Lincoln City or a job managing Fleetwood Town....
Ed007 - Carl McHugh (Motherwell vs Hearts) Wait who? What?? I think somebodies mother is recovering from heart problems and is well, maybe?
Ed018 - Pass. Another one struggling, it was goal of the season not pass! Everyone knows the pass of the season has to go to Renato Sanches for that beautiful pick out of the advertising hoarding.
Ed025 - Salah v Everton.
Ed033 - Wanyama v Liverpool.
Ed333 - Wanyama v Liverpool.
Ed001 - I was thinking Salah v Tottenham Hotspur in the same game as the Wanyama cracker. However my memory sucks and I only chose that as I just saw it on TV again as I was thinking about which one!

The Winner Is: Victor Wanyama v Liverpool. I think. I am a little confused wondering if I should check my mother is well or not.


Team of the Season

There are no Ed003 choices for the team of the season as he had to rush off and crack the whip as his wife wanted to have a rest after a mere 14 hours of work. Slacker!

Ed002 - David de Gea (Manchester United).
Ed004 - David de Gea (Manchester United).
Ed007 - Ofir Marciano (Rocky's younger brother).
Ed018 - David de Gea (Manchester United).
Ed025 - David de Gea (Manchester United).
Ed033 - David de Gea (Manchester United).
Ed333 - David de Gea (Manchester United).
Ed001 - Nick Pope (Burnley).

The Winner Is: Despite Nick Pope having the season of his life, while de Gea is playing as you would expect (even if that is head and shoulders above the rest it is not a special season by his standards) David de Gea is the clear winner.


Right Back:
Ed002 - Hector Bellerin (Arsenal).
Ed004 - Kyle Walker (Manchester City).
Ed007 - Callum Paterson (some foreign club called Cardiff City I believe).
Ed018 - Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea).
Ed025 - Seamus Coleman (Everton).
Ed033 - Antonio Valencia (Manchester United).
Ed333 - Kyle Walker (Manchester City).
Ed001 - Cuco Martina. Just kidding! The complete lack of any outstanding candidates, Bellerin has been poor, Azpilicueta (thanks for making me type that 18!) has not even played the position this season and Coleman was in and out through injury, while Valencia is badly limited, leaves the choice between TAA at Liverpool and Kyle Walker. Both have had some really poor games and some outstanding performances which makes it a hard choice. Both have had to rotate with another player as well. However I am going to go with TAA as Walker is going to win the vote anyway. Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool).

The Winner Is: extremely uninspiring to say the least! Kyle Walker gets it. If you are happy and you know it with that decision, well you know what to do.


Centre Backs:
Ed002 - James Tarkowski (Burnley) & Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City).
Ed004 - Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea) & Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed007 - Kristofer Ajer (could be Molde) & Efe Ambrose (West Indies).
Ed018 - Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) & Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed025 - James Tarkowski (Burnley) & Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool).
Ed033 - Vincent Kompany (Manchester City) & Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool).
Ed333 - James Tarkowski (Burnley) & Ben Mee (Burnley).
Ed001 - Not sure how van Dijk can be under consideration when he has only played half a season! Otamendi was poor early in the season and Kompany was in and out through injury. As it is meant to be a team we are picking I am picking one right sided and one left sided so I am going with Jamaal Lascelles (Newcastle United) & Ben Mee (Burnley).

The Winners Are: Tarkowski and van Dijk who both got 3 votes each.


Left Backs:
Ed002 - Marcos Alonso (Chelsea).
Ed004 - Andrew Robertson (Liverpool).
Ed007 - Kieran Tierney (soon-to-be Manchester United no doubt).
Ed018 - Marcos Alonso (Chelsea).
Ed025 - Danilo (Manchester City).
Ed033 - Danilo (Manchester City).
Ed333 - Marcos Alonso (Chelsea).
Ed001 - Looking through the options makes me realise how poor the full backs are in the Prem! Charlie Daniels (Bournemouth).

The Winner Is: Alonso, despite being unable to defend, not even playing at left back and generally not having the best of seasons has still won the vote.


Central Midfielders:
Ed002 - Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City) & N'Golo Kante (Chelsea).
Ed004 - Fernandinho (Manchester City) & Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City)
Ed007 - Scott Brown (I have checked, he is definitely a golfer: PGA Tour) & Olivier Ntcham (sounds French, must be an Arsenal youngster).
Ed018 - Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) & N'Golo Kante (Chelsea).
Ed025 - Mousa Dembele (Tottenham Hotspur) & Christian Eriksen (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed033 - Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) & Paul Pogba (Manchester United).
Ed333 - Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) & N'Golo Kante (Chelsea).
Ed001 - This is probably the easiest choice, though I feel bad for Doucoure and Defour, who have both been excellent but it has to be Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) & N'Golo Kante (Chelsea).

The Winners Are: Kevin de Bruyne and N'Golo Kante. Just how good would Kante be alongside a quality midfielder? He has been fantastic the last 3 years while carrying Drinkwater, Matic and Fabregas. Free him of that dead weight and he would probably wear grooves in the pitch from running about so much!


Attacking Midfielder:
Ed002 - Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City).
Ed004 - David Silva (Manchester City).
Ed007 - Callum McGregor (certainly attacks the parked bus like a pro, maybe he could be the answer for teams having to face a Jose Mourinho team?)(UFC).
Ed018 - David Silva (Manchester City).
Ed025 - David Silva (Manchester City).
Ed033 - David Silva (Manchester City).
Ed333 - David Silva (Manchester City).
Ed001 - David Silva (Manchester City).

The Winner Is: no contest David Silva who has been sensational once again. He is in the argument for the best player ever to play in the Premier League.


Right Winger:
Ed002 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed004 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed007 - Dylan McGeouch (Magic Roundabout, bet you never knew his surname was McGeouch did you?)
Ed018 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed025 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed033 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed333 - Mo Salah (Liverpool).
Ed001 - boring as it is has to be Mo Salah (Liverpool).

The Winner Is: Mo Salah. Just.


Left Winger:
Ed002 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed004 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed007 - Ryan Christie (Dallas Stars).
Ed018 - Eden Hazard (Chelsea).
Ed025 - Roberto Firmino (Liverpool).
Ed033 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed333 - Leroy Sane (Manchester City).
Ed001 - If only Kenedy had joined Newcastle in the summer he would have been in with a shout, as it is there is only really one choice, Leroy Sane (Manchester City).

The Winner Is: Sane, though interesting to see 25 pick Firmino for his team of the year after telling Liverpool fans that he was not very good for most of the season!


Centre Forward:
Ed002 - Sergio Aguero (Manchester City).
Ed004 - Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed007 - Moussa Dembele (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed018 - Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed025 - Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed033 - Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ed333 - Roberto Firmino (Liverpool).
Ed001 - For me Aguero has not been at his best this season when fit, Lukaku has the first touch of a drunken baby elephant and Kane plays to the detriment of his team with his 7000 shots a game. It has to be Bobby Firmino, he has been that good that he has even turned Ed025 from a doubter into a believer! Roberto Firmino (Liverpool).

The Winner Is: Harry Kane. A consolation prize for him if he does not get the Golden Boot. What am I saying? To lead the line for the Football-Rumours team of the season is not a consolation prize, it is THE prize!

Final Team:
GK: David de Gea
Right Back: Kyle Walker
Centre Back: James Tarkowski
Centre Back: Virgil van Dijk
Left Back: Marcos Alonso
Central Midfielder: Kevin de Bruyne
Central Midfielder: N'Golo Kante
Attacking Midfielder: David Silva
Right Wing: Mo Salah
Left Wing: Leroy Sane
Centre Forward: Harry Kane


So there we have it, the first ever Football-Rumours awards, brought to you with the help of Frank Lebeouf (Ed002's phone-a-friend) and Google (to figure out who the hell Ed007 was picking). Now we just have to hope the players do not expect an actual real award!

Written by Tris Burke April 20 2018 10:33:58