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Football News: Review Of The Day 23rd September 2018

Review Of The Day 23rd September 2018
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Review of the Day


Ferguson Returns To A Hero's Welcome

Alex Ferguson was given a standing ovation by Old Trafford as he returned for the first time since his emergency brain surgery in May. The 76 year old clearly revelled in the applause as a huge beaming smile was on his face throughout the ovation. There was also a further applause after 27 minutes, in recognition of his 27 years in charge. Ferguson had not been able to go to his beloved Old Trafford since April, when he awarded Arsene Wenger, in his final days at Arsenal then, a commemorative trophy.


Bruce Refuses To Walk Away

Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce has no intention of walking away, despite his side being booed off the pitch. Bruce told BBC radio: "I can understand people's frustrations and disappointments but I think that's only the fifth time in my two years that we've been beaten here [at Villa Park]. It's difficult at the moment. No matter what I do, in some people's eyes I'm not going to be the right fit. There's nothing I can do about that. I will stay on the ropes and stay with it. That will never change with me. I'm never going to walk away from a challenge - and it's certainly been a challenge. In some people's eyes, I will never be the answer, that's obvious but the one thing that changes it is results so we need a few results. I do believe we've got the nucleus of a very decent team again, given time." Never going to walk away from a challenge? Funny that never applied when the Hull City job got challenging though did it! Also, losing 5 times at home in 2 years is a good record if you are a team that is fighting relegation, but when you have arguably the strongest squad in the division then it is not a good record.


Deeney Plays Through Pain

Watford's talisman and captain Troy Deeney has admitted he is playing on despite having three broken toes and will continue to play even though he thinks he may have broken another bone in his foot in the 1-1 draw against Fulham. Deeney told Sly Spurts: "I have to get an X-ray but I played with three broken toes last week so it will be all right. I may have a broken bone or two but we'll crack on. It is what it is. I am a tough, ugly boy."


Barca Interest In Pepe Confirmed

Not the former Real Madrid defender Pepe, though you would be forgiven for assuming it must mean him considering some of the bizarre transfer decisions made by Barcelona in recent years, but the Ivory Coast international forward playing for Lille. A few days ago it was reported by Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo that Barca had shown interest Lille's Nicolas Pepe and now Lille have confirmed the interest is there after Pepe started the season with 4 goals and 3 assists in his 5 appearances so far. Lille's president Gerard Lopez confirmed the interest from Barca but also mentioned that there are a 'few big clubs that are interested' and have made contact since the transfer window closed.


City Supporters Too Big Time To Watch Lyon

The general secretary of Manchester City's official supporters group Kevin Parker has explained why even comparatively cheap tickets saw the Etihad Stadium less than three-quarters full for their defeat against Lyon in the Champions League. He believes that City supporters are too big-time for clubs like Lyon. Parker told The Times: ""We were in Pot one this year and because of that we ended up with Lyons, Shakhtar and Hoffenheim. No disrespect to them but none of them really are a game that you think "wow, that is going to be a cracker'." I just wonder what the excuse is in the Premier League, where they also struggle to fill their ground?


Pot Criticise Kettle

Joey Barton's desire for the spotlight is never ending as the turd munching ****, whose 'talent' was limited to attacking small children or racially motivated assaults on team-mates lying on the floor, has criticised Neymar, calling him the 'Kim Kardashian' of the football world. At least I think that is meant to be a criticism or insult, as I am not exactly sure what Kim Kardashian is or does. Barton told L'Equipe (though why they were wasting their time interviewing the fake philosopher who should be in jail with his brother, instead of intelligent and worthwhile interviewees): "I think he is the Kim Kardashian of football. Neymar is not the best player in the world, we saw that again in Russia. He is not at the level of Ronaldo and Messi, and there are many other players in front of him. Neymar, more than a football phenomenon, is an advertising phenomenon, like the Kardashians." While I agree with the gist of his comments, I just wonder why a publication like L'Equipe is bothering to ask his opinion on Neymar in the first place?


Liverpool Midfielder Suffers Suspected Broken Leg

Ok stop panicking Liverpool fans, it is Marko Grujic on loan with Hertha Berlin who, it is believed, has broken his leg. The Serbian midfielder was injured playing for Hertha against Borussia Monchengladbach. Manager Pal Dardai said: "It does not look good, that's a shame. We have to have the tibia checked."

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