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Football News: Review Of The Day 24th October 2018

Review Of The Day 24th October 2018
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Review of the Day


Binos Appoint Rookie Manager

Kevin Rutkiewicz has been given the chance to step up from assistant manager with Annan Athletic to take charge of Scottish rivals Stirling Albion. The former Aberdeen defender steps in with the Binos just 2 points above bottom club Albion Rovers. Rutkiewicz has chosen Martin Hardie as his assistant manager.


Obi Mikel Helps Fund Super Eagles Amputees

Nigeria's amputee football team have had to miss the last 3 World Cups due to a lack of funds and have turned to crowd-funding to try and make the 2018 tournament. The Nigeria squad as a whole have contributed 'significantly' and now Nigeria captain John Obi Mikel has stepped in to offer money and kits for the team.


HMRC Investigating Players, Clubs And Agents

HMRC has revealed that they have recovered £332m in extra tax from professional football since 2015-16 and they are continuing to chase players, clubs and agents over, according to a HMRC spokesperson, a "range of issues, including image rights abuse. We carefully scrutinise the individual arrangements between football clubs and their players to make sure the right tax is being paid in the UK. HMRC rigorously enforces the rules and has brought in £332m in extra tax by tackling non-compliance in the football industry." Last season they looked into 90 players, 38 clubs and 13 agents, numbers which have risen markedly this season to 171 players, 44 clubs and 31 agents.


FIFA Revive Plans For Nations League And Club World Cup

FIFA are attempting to override objections from UEFA to instigate changes to their Club World Cup competition and to launch a Nations League similar to UEFA's new competitions. The proposals had been raised earlier this year with backing from Saudi Arabian money, but shelved due to opposition. FIFA are set to try again with the plans during their ruling council's meeting in Rwanda on Thursday and Friday, though it was unclear if the backing still comes from Saudi cash.


Man Utd Team Bus Late Again

Their last home match in the Champions League, versus Valencia, saw Manchester United pick up a 15,000 euro fine for the heinous crime of their team bus arriving late and holding up kick off for 5 minutes. To avoid a similar punishment, Jose Mourinho, hidden under a hoodie, walked to the ground as the team bus once again found itself stuck in traffic. A less than 10 minute walk took the bus 45 minutes to drive, due to traffic issues.


Arsenal Man Poached By Henry

New Monaco manager Thierry Henry has stepped in to poach Kwame Ampadu from his former club Arsenal. Ampadu was in charge of the Gunners U18s but has left to join Henry's backroom staff. Ken Gillard has stepped in on a temporary basis, but will hope to earn the job with some good performances.

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