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Football News: I now think Jose Mourinho must leave Manchester United

I now think Jose Mourinho must leave Manchester United
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My occasional posts have always been fully in support of Jose Mourinho, not because of his current management qualities, but primarily because the recent suggestions and signs of player power dictating the worthiness of any manager sits more than uncomfortably with me. We were taught by the master himself how the manager's authority and status is the club's priority, and we shouldn't be discarding that philosophy any time soon. The next manager, and there will always be a next manager, needs that.

However, there comes the point where that balance of power appears to have been addressed that the club need to move on from Jose. Its interesting to read articles of Real Madrid players becoming uncomfortable with the notion of Jose moving back to Madrid. That's a pivotal story if true. I'm fed-up of three-fingered Jose's ego fighting opposition supporters both at home and away. I'm sick of his press egotistical press conferences where he needs to justify his position via past and somewhat distance successes. I'm bored with the churn in the starting eleven and his now infrequent ability to change the direction of a match with decisive and incisive substitutions. Newcastle aside (which is hardly much to boast about in the first place), I don't see this very often - and if ever a game needed multiple substitutions it was Tuesday night. Man about boys yes, in particular in midfield.

Manchester United's matches are no longer about winning or losing, they've become a pawn in the Jose versus the board battle and that is wholly unacceptable. Every manager must play his best eleven in the context of the match. Jose now uses team selections to demonstrate his unhappiness at 'his' squad. Well, this to a large degree is his squad if the majority of the players he has signed have either been sold, have left the club, are on the bench or not even in the match day squad. The Juventus match is a classic example of this. Jose must be very happy with his squad if his most recent purchase (Fred) does not even make the pitch as a sub. This is a guy who performed well in the Champions League last season for his previous club and was interesting Manchester City - so no the Fred 'is not ready for the Premiere League' excuses did not count on Wednesday night.

The Juventus game was significant for me. I don't buy in to the Juve hype, they're good but not great. They might win the competition, but it's a damming indictment of the field of teams that they're favourites. Maybe a good each-way bet at best for me. Tactically both before, and during the game, Jose looked outdated and prone to ridiculous levels of loyalty to players who serve him more off the pitch than on it. His go-to players are the problem - Lukaku and Matic, in particular, who I don't need to comment on - however everybody can see that oil-tankers turn faster than these two. Lukaku is a disgrace. I'm not sure why the total contrast between club and country. Maybe international teams are weaker, maybe tactics, however his body-language between the two shirts is a crime. Maybe he was star-struck by the Juve shirt and does want to go. I get he was asked the question, but it was a ridiculous answer.

Time and time again we lose matches because we have no control in midfield. We have a wealth of talent and guile sat on the bench. Herrera, Fred and Perreira should all have featured at some point. I read quotes from players who feel they deserved something from their second-half performance. Whilst this is becoming a cliché for United matches, that's just total nonsense on this occasion. That performance ranks in the top three of worst ever performances since Sir Alex retired.

Subjective arguments of personnel aside, the time has come. We should not be in a situation where we're not comfortable of beating relegation fighting teams at home. Freak results aside, this constant concern about the opposition is born from a paralysis from analysis of the opposition. It started with Moyes and has been perpetuated by Louis Van Gaal and now Jose. This is no coincidence, suggesting this style of management is preferred by the board. Their financial analytical strengths do not transfer to football management. The obsession of stopping the opposition, whoever we play, is stifling our flair players - and we do have them. However this is more than lack of flair, it's fear. Players unable to find their man whether 5 yards of 50 yards away. An inability to retain possession in the opponent's half for more than five passes. The conviction to take on a man with the belief, 'I will beat you'. Pathetic crosses, poor decision making, no pressing the opposition. A defence sat on its area. No connection between any of the lines. It's woeful - I genuinely question if this manager and group would get promoted from the Championship, never mind win the Champions League.

There are managers freely available now who will do a better job. In fact one deserves the job. I now believe that this group of players could manage themselves better (at least in terms of team selection and tactical approach) than Jose does. Whilst many couldn't manage their way around their own kitchen without club support, I do believe they'd manage their selections better. So it's time for Ed Woodward to show us his tactical negotiating skills and nous by finally selling that 'virus' to Real Madrid. The virus that is Jose, because he has become even more bitter and toxic and needs to be cleansed. I hate saying this, because I'm sure if you get to know him he's a nice guy. Improving our own outlook whilst potentially damaging the prospects of a once deemed rival seems like a master stroke to me.

Man-up Ed, treat Manchester United like a football club for once and not a Wall Street institution awaiting its next shareholder call.

Written by Timbo October 25 2018 11:21:01


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