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Football News: Liverpool v Bournemouth - A Liverpool Perspective

Liverpool v Bournemouth - A Liverpool Perspective
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Liverpool v Bournemouth A Liverpool Perspective


Neither Liverpool nor Bournemouth have been playing well as of late, so it was the perfect match for one of them to get back to form. It was LFC that did so, with a one-sided win that could easily have been much bigger with a little bit of luck. It was one-sided, Bournemouth struggled to create anything or even show any real threat or promise of being a threat. At the other end they were reliant on bodies in the way of passes and shots to keep the score down.

It was almost a full on return to form for Liverpool, which they needed with the race for the title becoming closer over the last few weeks. All the talk of nerves were put to bed as the team played with real freedom and some free flowing attacking football. The one real down to point out is that they should have scored more. Quite a lot more.

There is a definite need for a more clinical edge at times, but games like this it makes no real difference other than to improve the goal difference. So long as the team keeps winning, the goal difference will make no erm difference at the season though, so the key was to get back to winning ways.


Howe - it is easy to see why Bournemouth struggle to produce consistent runs of results. Howe has no idea how to change things. He sets out the team to play one way and if it does not work then he is lost. His tweaks lack any real substance and he has no idea how to organise the defence. Rating: 2.


Boruc - one of the Cherries better players. He was quick off his line to smother a couple of shots. Rating: 7.


A Smith - quick, technically strong, but has a real problem temperament and constantly seems on the verge of losing his temper. Struggled to handle Mane but kept going and also tried hard to get forward whenever the chance came for him. Rating: 5.5.


S Cook - looked out of his depth. Gives his all but struggles against the pace and movement of the better teams. Rating: 4.


Ake - very good technique on the ball but defensively his positioning is poor and he does not help Cook out by providing cover for the older man's lack of pace. Rating: 3.


Rico - could not handle the pace and movement of Salah at all. Got caught out a number of times and never got to grips with LFC's attacks. Rating: 3.5.


Ibe - really struggled to make any kind of impression on the match at all. For all his pace and technique he has no footballing intelligence. Rating: 2.


Gosling - works hard, puts himself about but it is difficult to see what he offers the team. His passing is not good enough, nor is his vision. All he really offers is effort. Rating: 5.


Lerma - I have seen a lot of Lerma and usually like what he offers, but he was overrun in this game and totally unable to cope with the runs from deep. Often ended up in the defensive line, where he does not want to be, as he was not getting enough help from the rest of the midfield. Rating: 4.


Surman - simply not good enough at Premier League level and it showed. Gives his all but lacks ability. Rating: 3.


Fraser - lots of hard work, decent technique and excellent pace, he was their main threat but struggled to get on the ball in dangerous areas and so offered little. Rating: 5.


King - a few times he used his strength and pace to bully Matip, but he lacked the ability to then get away before the defender got back at him. Added to a lack of supply it was not a good day for him. Rating: 2.



Solanke - replaced Hernandez in the 59th minute. The most he offered, apart from chasing back to win the ball once, was a shot that went wide. Did not do enough, but that was partly down to a lack of quality balls given to him. Rating: 4.

Mousset - took the place of Lerma in the 73rd minute. Showed a bit more pace and directness than the rest of the attack but barely saw the ball to really do much. Rating: 5.

Mepham - brought on in the 80th minute to replace Rico. Never really showed much, if anything, in the short time he was on the pitch. Rating: 5.


Klopp - finally able to field a settled defence and it showed as the team looked much happier and more comfortable. Realised that Bournemouth were there to be attacked and went for it, reverting to last season's high octane style. It worked really well for this game as Bournemouth are not a team to sit deep and just hold back, they will look to come out and play so there is space in behind them to use. Rating: 8.


Alisson - made a save early on but was rarely troubled in truth. When needed he came out and dealt with danger, but there was little for him to do. Good to see he kept his concentration despite having it fairly easy. Rating: 6.5.


Milner - had a really good game, did get caught upfield occasionally but that was because he was causing so many problems in the opposing third. It is so good to have a player like him that can slot in anywhere and be so comfortable. Rating: 7.5.


Matip - he is weak in the challenge, but at least he keeps going. Struggled against King's pace and strength, but kept working back. Still sloppy when going forward though. Rating: 5.5.


van Dijk - much better from van Dijk, though he was not really being pushed anywhere near his limits by the Bournemouth attack. Very much within himself. You could see the Cherries deliberately targeted the other side to try and keep the ball away from him though. Rating: 7.


Robertson - back to himself. Got up and down well and was a constant threat down the flanks. Rating: 7.5.


Wijnaldum - absolutely outstanding performance, even if you did not factor in that he has been sick. Scored a goal and absolutely dominated the midfield area, breaking forward really well and protecting the defence too. Rating: 9.5.


Keita - starting to look the part in midfield. Working back, creating chances and bringing the ball forward well. Looked like he was cruising while doing it as well. Rating: 8.


Fabinho - another good game for the Brazilian. Worked really well in tandem with Wijnaldum and Keita. There looks to be an understanding between the trio, who all took turns to get forward while at least one of the others covered. Rating: 7.5.


Mane - excellent performance which had Smith losing the plot at times as he was so frustrated at being twisted inside out. A goal which was well deserved and he also protected Robertson well on the few occasions Bournemouth had possession. Rating: 8.


Salah - another goal and a much better, Salah last season like, performance. Some of the link up play was brilliant. Rating: 8.


Firmino - despite not scoring, he was at the centre of everything good Liverpool did, as usual. After a few poor performances he was back to something like his best and his backheel to Salah was a touch of class. Rating: 8.5.



Alexander-Arnold - replaced Wijnaldum in the 77th minute. So good to see him back, he has been a massive loss at a key time and his return was needed. Slotted in right away like he had never been away and put in a couple of dangerous balls. Rating: 6.5.

Origi - came on in place of Mane in the 87th minute. Never got into the game really, as it was just winding down by the time he came on. Rating: 5.

Sturridge - took Firmino's spot in the 90th minute. Was too slow to react when one ball went his way, then too slow to chase it down. Other than that never got involved. Rating 4.5.


Just to explain my ratings. I have gone for what I believe is more simple than the usual of totting up points. I have decided to go with 5 as having no effect on the game other than being a body on the pitch. Anything below 5 is a player who had a negative effect on his team and anything above 5 as a positive effect. So a goal scored would be a positive effect and add to the rating, whereas giving away a penalty with a needless challenge would take away from it.

Written by Tris Burke February 10 2019 18:17:26


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