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Football News: What would it take for Lerner to remove Paul Lambert from Villa?

What would it take for Lerner to remove Paul Lambert from Villa?
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Sometimes I wonder if Paul Lambert has pictures of Randy Lerner in a compromising position, as it seems there is nothing he can do that will get him sacked. Even though gates are falling, the football is awful and the club is consistently involved in relegation battle after relegation battle, still Lerner takes the first opportunity he can to extend Lambert's contract! It is difficult to fathom how that happens without some dirt being in Lambert's possession.

I am trying to think of anything positive that has been achieved in the time he has been Aston Villa manager, but it is difficult to come up with anything.

Made the team competitive for trophies? Nope.

Made the team exciting to watch? Nope.

Improved the players at the club? Nope.

Sold players at a huge profit? Nope.

Gained the backing of the crowd? Nope.

In fact, the more I think about the Paul Lambert era, the more ludicrous it seems that he still has his job. Most of those who support his regime will go on about his use of youngsters, but that is only a good thing if he is improving their play. What seems to be happening is that they burst into the team looking like a breath of fresh air, then he gradually erodes their ability until they are either a headless chicken or they leave for, at best, peanuts.

For instance, Andreas Weimann was being touted at £10m+ prices a couple of years ago, but if he went on the transfer market today, even with a lengthy contract, he would be lucky to fetch half that. Under Paul Lambert, Villa are turning into one of those clubs that it is difficult to retain interest in, they are becoming boring. The most interesting thing about them this season was Roy Keane's beard, and that failed to survive long around Lambert too!

Written by Tris Burke January 07 2015 15:56:02