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Football News: Does giant killing weaken the allure of the FA Cup

I have seen, read and heard a lot of talk about how lacking in exciting match ups the FA Cup has, thanks to the giant killings in previous rounds. Maybe it is just me, but personally I love the underdog and enjoy seeing the likes of Middlesbrough beat Manchester City. I then look forward to seeing if they can do the same again in the next round.

Do I care about yet another all Premier League clash, one that I can watch every week in the Prem, as much as I do seeing Preston North End try and beat Manchester United, or Cambridge United hold them to a draw and forcing a replay? No way does an all Prem clash match up to those for my viewing pleasure.

Perhaps if it is a club such as Millwall or Cardiff City, who both reached the final in recent years, I could understand if all the pundits were a bit disappointed. Purely because neither club is well liked by anyone other than their own fans. Both have a very poor reputation, which makes them a less likeable underdog than a Middlesbrough, who are just the little brother even in their own region.

To suggest underdogs winning devalues the cup is simply not true, it is unfair on those underdogs working so hard and performing so well to get through to the next round. The fact that Alan Pardew is still being asked about one such episode of giantkilling back when he was a player for Crystal Palace, shows just how they can catch the public imagination and become enshrined in folklore.

Let's be honest, if Liverpool beat Palace today no one will really be that bothered, but a Palace victory would reignite talk of that day all over again and be a big story. If Man Utd get past Preston very few people will care, but if Preston can sneak a win the story will make headline sports news all around the world.

Giant killing does not destroy the allure of the cup, nor does it weaken the interest in the next round. If anything it makes it more exciting, more interesting and is talked about for years to come.

Written by Tris Burke February 14 2015 09:05:03