Football News: FA Show Their True Colours In Allowing Mackay To Get Off Scott Free


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It was with absolute disbelief that I read the statement from the FA regarding the text messages and emails from Ian Moody and Malky Mackay during their time at Cardiff City. It is bad enough that every media article on the situation is being prefaced with alleged regarding the messages. Let us be clear now, they are truly racist, sexist and homophobic, there is no alleged about it at all.

How they can hide behind privacy, when those emails and text messages are now in the public domain, is a joke. Mackay has even admitted to being offensive, while Moody resigned his post at Crystal Palace over the revelations. So to suggest, as some people have, that the FA had its hands tied over the matter is simply not true, at best misleading, at worst a blatant lie.

Unlike a standard law court, as they showed in the Patrice Evra - Luis Suarez affair, they do not even require proof, as they made quite clear at the time. This was a chance to show the FA is actually a force for the good of football and inclusiveness, but they have again shown they are nothing of the sort and have no interest in the Kick It Out campaigns aims in reality.

It is time the FA were overhauled and governance of the game was put into the hands of those interested in doing what is best for the game, at all levels. Setting up all weather floodlit pitches in deprived inner city areas is a great idea, for instance, but then charging ridiculous prices to use it means the whole idea is just a pointless exercise.

In a similar manner, when someone gives you evidence of misdoing, that is obtained in a lawful manner, to then refuse to act on the evidence because it is of a private nature just makes the whole FA's legal process pointless. It should not matter that Mackay is making vile racist jibes about Vincent Tan and others in private, what should matter is that he is doing so.

Written by Tris Burke

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20 July 2015
With all the focus recently on FIFA, people forget how dire the FA is.

Maybe it doesn't have the out and out corruption of FIFA, but in terms of governance, it is shambolic; from the development and support of grass roots football, it's abject failure to deal with racism and how it let's the Premier league do what it likes to the detriment of all the other leagues in England.

The FA needs a complete overhaul top to bottom, making sure football stays something that deserves to be played and watched by millions of people in this country.