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Football News: Los Angeles FC To Challenge LA Galaxy

Los Angeles FC To Challenge LA Galaxy
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The MLS's new Los Angeles franchise has finally had its name confirmed, as the exact same name they were using all along, Los Angeles Football Club. While the MLS has come a long way along the path to creating its own identity, it is still riding on the coat tails of the major European leagues in many respects. The names being used for the teams being one obvious point, with Los Angeles FC joining New York City FC, DC United, Orlando City, Toronto FC, FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City using names lifted straight from European teams.

Is this formula going to do better than its failed predecessor Chivas USA? Like Chivas USA, it is not a fresh new team created from scratch, though it is not purely based on an existing fanbase, like the former franchise. That for me will help it out, as the teams that are a genuine success, rather than just as good as the stars it can attract, are those who are entirely new, such as Portland Timbers.


For me, long term success is not going to come from winning the MLS or other trophies, it will come from building a relationship with the local community, identifying with it and becoming a part of it. Chivas USA failed as it was unable to create its own path, LAFC's marketing director, Rich Orosco, is hoping things will be different with LAFC, by being "big into music, art and fashion." Is their attempt to target 'millenials' going to be successful? Hard to say, though it does sound cringeworthy, when surely it would be better to just concentrate on building a relationship with the local community through projects within it.

Written by Tris Burke September 19 2015 07:58:21