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Football News: Gary Neville, Next Step Manchester United Manager?

Gary Neville, Next Step Manchester United Manager?
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1. Why would Hasselbaink consider the QPR job?
I know it is a step up in divisions, but even speaking to Queens Park Rangers seems pointless to me. While Burton Albion could not realistically be expected to climb much further up the leagues, they are a good platform for Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to learn and hone his craft as a football manager. The Championship side may be a division above League One Burton, but the Hoops are in complete disarray and could easily spell the end of a promising career before it has really begun. QPR are badly run, a shambles even, with little hope of anything other than going the way of Bolton Wanderers in the near future. Tony Fernandes has shown a childish attitude in the past, with his 'toys out of the pram' withdrawing of funds from Caterham F1 causing the team to fold and putting hundreds out of a job. There is nothing to suggest that he will be any different as an owner at QPR if success continues to elude the club.

2. Gary Hooper should have stayed with Celtic
After the striker left Scunthorpe United to move north to join the Glaswegians, Hooper had elevated himself up to become a fan favourite. His goal record in Scotland was excellent and he was lauded constantly by the Celtic fans, who kept putting his name forward as an England possible. Sadly the forward believed the hype and took an opportunity to return south of the border, signing for Norwich City in the Barclays Premier League. He soon proved unable to shine at the higher level, and was part of their team that got relegated with little real fight. While he did play a part as the Canaries returned to the top flight, it was clear that he was surplus to requirements and is now out on loan at Sheffield Wednesday back in the Championship. His lack of workrate and desire has seen him struggle badly and it is now likely he will be on the move once again, in the search for first team football.


3. Bellerin is a good example
Arsenal's young Spanish right back, Hector Bellerin, is a good example for other young players coming through the ranks right now. Initially a winger, rather than a full back, Bellerin admits he knew nothing about defending to begin with and credits the instruction he has received from Arsene Wenger's number two, Steve Bould, for his improvement. It is not just his hard work to improve himself that others can look to, but also his attitude. He was willing to graft to figure out his new role and is happy to give others the credit for his gains. Many others would be looking to take the glory all to themselves.

4. Why are so many on Sturridge's back?
He has had a long series of injury problems of late, but Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has shown he is an excellent player when he is on the pitch, so why have so many former players looked to write him off? There are very few players in world football that can offer what he does, none of them are likely to sign for Liverpool in the near future, it makes little sense to just throw him on the scrapheap right now. The demands on his body are totally different under the Jurgen Klopp regime than they were under Brendan Rodgers, it is only to be expected that they would cause a few missed games as he returns to full fitness. Players always suffer minor injury problems for months after a long lay off, it is far too early to just cast him aside. I wrote this before the Carling Cup match with Southampton had kicked off, I wish I had posted it up before as well!


5. The Neville brothers make a play for a future Manchester United role
I might be exaggerating slightly, but it does seem the only reason that Gary Neville would take on a job like the Valencia head coach role right now. With his brother, Phil, already ensconced in the number two role, and Louis van Gaal's position looking more and more precarious, now is the perfect time to launch a managerial career. Where better to do that than at a big club like Valencia, working for a man you know well and are already in business with, Peter Lim? The club is an absolute shambles, with signings limited to players represented by Jorge Mendes, with the fans turning on the club, but Gary has the perfect excuse for failure right there in that. Any success at all will be almost miraculous, so he really can not lose, even if the team struggles. If he succeeds in any way at all, he will be in the mix to replace LVG when he moves on.

6. Ooops, now Cazorla joins the injury list
It never rains but it pours for Arsene Wenger with regards to injuries. Now the Arsenal manager has been hit by the loss of Spanish midfield lynchpin, Santi Cazorla. With the loss of Alexis Sanchez as well, the team will now be heavily reliant on the creativity of Ozil Sanchez as they seek to try and challenge for the Premier League title. Will this latest injury mean Wenger seeks to reinforce in the January transfer window? Probably not, but Arsenal fans can no doubt look forward to his return being announced as 'being like a new signing' when he does return. That return is likely to be a few months after he is initially due back, which is said to be March. So expect him back sometime next season.


7. Piegate
The soap opera at Leeds United is never ending. Not content with fighting with the Football League on a daily basis, Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has decided to stir up a battle with the fans. First off saying he would sell the club, then that he was not selling it, but now he has been really pushing the locals into full on revolt. Not content with increasing ticket prices, which never goes down well in Yorkshire, Cellino has decided to launch a 'pie tax' on supporters. Now supporters in the South Stand will be forced to pay an extra £5 as part of the admission price, whether they want them or not. With just one home win all season, it is difficult to see how this extra fee can be justified.

8. Kevin De Bruyne is looking like a bargain right now
Manchester City laid out a huge sum to sign the German attacking midfielder from Wolfsburg, but right now it is looking like they will get value for it. The former Chelsea player is creating and scoring goals in a free flowing side, stepping up when Aguero and Silva have been out to fill the breach. His pace and ability with either foot have taken City up to a new level, unlike their other big summer signing, Raheem Sterling. While Sterling looks a decent player, De Bruyne looks a top class player and that is the big difference between the pair.


9. Karim Benzema's career is very near to ending
Real Madrid's French striker has been talking about how he would like to play in Euro 2016 alongside Mathieu Valbuena, the Lyon midfielder. This despite the recent issues regarding Valbuena's sex tape blackmailing, which Benzema was arrested over his suspected involvement. It is difficult to see how that can happen, especially under Didier Deschamps, who has excluded Manchester City's Samir Nasri due to him not getting on with a number of his team mates. While Benzema is certainly the best of the current French strikers, it is unlikely to be enough to gain him a place in the summer, unless the issue is resolved by then.

10. Luis Enrique has taken disrespect in football to new levels
Admittedly Barcelona were 6-1 up, but when defender Jeremy Mathieu hobbled off with ten minutes to go in a cup game against Villanovense, deciding not to bring on a substitute, despite having two left to bring on, was extremely disrespectful. There is just no need for that, it is not just beating a team and rubbing salt in the wounds, it is laughing in their faces while doing so!

Written by Tris Burke December 03 2015 18:09:11