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Football News: Mapp Makes History As Bolton Move Nearer Becoming History

Mapp Makes History As Bolton Move Nearer Becoming History
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1. Cellino falls out with Charlton fans
Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino, not content to falling out with just about everyone in Italy, the Football League and sundry others, has now decided to upset Charlton Athletic fans. After seeing the Addicks fans protesting against their owners, Cellino told them to 'support their team'. The response was simple, as they explained to Mr. Cellino where to put his pie tax:

2. Mapp makes history
Justin Mapp made history in the MLS as he became the first ever internal free agent signing in the North American based league. Sporting Kansas City picked up Mapp after his contract ended with Montreal Impact. The 31 year old will hope to have a better season in 2016, as he struggled with injuries in 2015.


3. Mario has other priorities
Former Italy coach has claimed that Mario Balotelli, currently on loan at AC Milan form Liverpool, is failing to prioritise football in his life and that is why the 25 year old is underachieving. Injuries and loss of form have seen current Italy manager Antonio Conte look elsewhere for a player to lead his line. Now Prandelli feels that Balotelli is in danger of missing out on Euro 2016 due to his attitude. "Balotelli has qualities that few others have," said Prandelli in an interview with Radio Anch'Io Sport. "Potentially he could be among the top five in the world, but apparently football is not the priority in his life."

4. Hitzfeld expects Pep to take over at City
Former Bayern Munich manager Ottmar Hitzfeld has spoken out and said that he believes Pep Guardiola is set to leave next summer to take over a role at Manchester City. Speaking to German tabloid Bild, Hitzfeld claimed that Guardiola is stalling on signing a new contract at the Bundesliga champions because Man City are offering him so much money. With City already recruiting as many of his backroom team from former club Barcelona as possible, their offers to Guardiola have been getting more obvious. The Munich team have been getting increasingly frustrated with Guardiola's refusal to commit himself for a longer term.


5. On me head son
Great piece of skill in this header challenge by 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 of the Bundesliga 2:

6. Kluivert still has it
Netherlands former striker Patrick Kluivert shows he still has that 'goalden' touch in a match for the Barcelona legends side


7. The Leicester dream goes on
I am finding it hard not to get caught in the Leicester City dream myself, as each time I watch them I find Riyad Mahrez makes me want to get up out of my seat and applaud him. He is just incredible to watch, even more so when you consider he cost the Foxes just £400,000! Each game I go into wondering if this is the one that sees the bubble burst, but each time they keep their run going. At what point do they have to be considered title challengers? Or do the worrying signs, at the end of the Chelsea game, where the players looked like their energy was dropping, which allowed Chelsea to take charge and push them back, presage the future? Is their fantastic workrate going to be their undoing? I really would love to see Claudio Ranieri lifting the trophy at the end of the season. If anyone has been badly treated by the media, but continued to take it all in a good spirit, it is him.

8. Costa endears himself to team mates

While he probably had a point, there was an element of the defence going to sleep and not dealing with a ball in, he is hardly in a position to criticise his team mates' performances. Currently he is offering nothing to the team as he is far too busy fighting with opposing defenders, rather than looking to get on the ball.


9. Lineker getting excited about Leicester
Following Leicester City's 2-1 win over Chelsea, Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker has made a promise to present the show in his underwear if they go on to win the Premier League. It is almost enough to make you cheer for someone else to win!

10. Lennon worried about player walkout
With Bolton Wanderers players still unpaid for November, another missed pay packet would make them able to walk away from their current deals. Manager Neil Lennon has admitted that the players would be within their right to hand in two weeks notice and leave the Macron Stadium for pastures new. The club are relying on owner Eddie Davies stepping in and making good the payments, or they will be facing administration, at best, extinction at worst. Bolton were a founder member of the Football League, but their current position sees them in real danger of ending their membership of the League for good.

Written by Tris Burke December 15 2015 10:22:39