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Football News: Bournemouth Premier League season so far

Bournemouth Premier League season so far
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Results so far:

H v Manchester United 1-3
A v West Ham United 0-1
A v Crystal Palace 1-1
H v West Bromwich Albion 1-0
A v Manchester City 0-4
H v Everton 1-0
A v Watford 2-2
H v Hull City 6-1
H v Tottenham Hotspur 0-0
A v Middlesbrough 0-2

There is a lot of praise being heaped on Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe right now, with good cause, as he has lifted the Cherries into a top half place (just) in the Premier League. While he has had a decent, comparatively large budget to play with, he still has a good case to put forward for being the best of the young English managers right now. Howe is committed to playing passing football, to building a team that attempts to win, rather than avoid defeat.

That has put his name in the frame for the England manager's job, despite his inexperience. It is a distraction that the South Coast side can ill-afford to have, if they are to continue their good form. Right now their frightening pace up front and out wide has seen them able to mix it with most sides, though there have been a few blips along the way, most notably the recent defeat to Middlesbrough.


If Howe can cure their tendency to pass for the sake of passing, that they suffer from at times, then Bournemouth's rise could have a long way to go yet. They have an owner with deep pockets, who is willing to invest heavily to make the club competitive, which, along with the TV money from competing in the Prem, is enough, despite the small stadium. The question is whether the fanbase is there to extend, or if they even need to in this era.

Right now, the focus is on building a team that can gradually move up the league and compete as high as possible. Could they do a Leicester City? Doubtful, but then Leicester doing a Leicester was highly unlikely, improbable, almost impossible, but they did it. Bournemouth have also got the wealthy backer fully behind them and a good atmosphere in the crowd, so anything is possible.

Written by Tris Burke November 05 2016 08:39:28