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Football News: What Next For Arsene Wenger?

What Next For Arsene Wenger?
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What next for Arsene Wenger?

With Arsene Wenger confirming his intention to manage next season, but refusing to rule out leaving Arsenal, what exactly are his options?

1. Stay At Arsenal.

With a two year contract sat on the table just awaiting his signature, this would seem the most likely option for Arsene to take. However, this will he stay or will he go now saga has gone on for a while, with Wenger constantly on the verge of leaving, the fans gradually turning on him and the Gunners no closer to winning titles.

The worry is that the longer he stays, the more he risks tarnishing his legendary status with the fans. Already large sections of the crowd have turned on him, with more and more joining the Wenger out brigade each season he stays.

2. Take a top European club job with Champions League winning aspirations.

He has had the chance to do this a number of times, resisting the lure of Manchester City's megamillions, amongst other jobs he could have taken in the past. It is something missing from his CV, European success, so it would make sense to fill in that gap.

Certainly no one could begrudge him the opportunity to do so. After all the years of scrimping and saving to get Arsenal through the lean times following the move to a new stadium, it would be good to see if he still has that ambition to win.

3. Chase the money with a job in China or the USA.

While it is certain Arsene Wenger is not short of a bob or two, being one of the highest paid coaches in world football, the riches on offer in China are enough to turn anyone's head. Maybe he might fancy a job helping a country's football develop, in the same way as he moved the English league forward when he first arrived.

Of course there is always the option of a return to Japan, where he is still fondly remembered, to help improve their national league.

4. Go into semi-retirement as a national team head coach.

With international football having much longer breaks between matches, it is a much more laid-back role than managing a club. Is he ready for that more restful way of life? Probably not, football is very addictive and very few want to move away from the daily hustle and bustle of the game in its club form.

For a man like Wenger, who has almost total control of day to day affairs at Arsenal and is fully involved in almost every little thing that happens, it is unlikely he would be able to settle for the slower paced lifestyle of international management. Though I am sure France would love to appoint him, it seems unlikely.



As much as Wenger risks tarnishing his legacy and bringing the wrath of the Arsenal fans on his head, it is no wonder he has said his first choice is to stay there for four more years. He is clearly not ready, in his own mind, to retire, even though his once-revolutionary ideas are behind the times now. Anything else is going to mean he compromises his control over so many aspects.

Would any other club give him as much control over their finances? Would anywhere else celebrate the utter mediocrity of fourth placed finishes as a trophy win? Wenger has done so much for Arsenal, he does deserve the right to choose when he leaves. Gooners will just hope he chooses to do so before it is too late.

Written by Tris Burke February 19 2017 09:34:21