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Football News: Leicester Why?

Leicester Why?
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Leicester Why?

So Leicester City have finally sacked Claudio Ranieri, as it seems was inevitable. Once the players were given their big, new, long term contracts in the summer to keep them at the club, the only easy change was the manager. There truly is no sentimentality in football!

A bunch of spoilt primadonnas have downed tools to get a genuinely nice and decent man the sack. Sometimes it is difficult to like football, when you see cheating little scumbags like Joey Barton being rewarded with big money deals and spots on the BBC, while Ranieri suffers the indignity of performing a minor miracle one season, only to pick up his P45 the next.

You have to question why, even when it was blatantly obvious from the beginning of the season that the effort of the players had dropped a good 5-10% over last season, that it was not made clear by the board that the manager would be backed over them? Football is far too quick to chop and change managers in the modern era, when that is not always the right answer.

When you reward bad behaviour by giving in to it, like the Foxes' board have just done, then you reinforce it. You are telling the players it is ok not to bother putting in 100%, so how can you expect them to suddenly up their performances? Even if they do, how long will it be before they next throw their toys out of the pram?

It also must be said that Leicester have just lost an awful lot of goodwill built up over the course of last season. The 'fairytale' is no more. Or maybe it is and Claudio Ranieri is Cinderella and the players have turned out to be the ugly sisters after all?

Written by Tris Burke February 23 2017 21:32:08