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Football News: Leicester v Liverpool Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

Leicester v Liverpool Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective
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Leicester City v Liverpool


It almost feels like I can sum up a Liverpool performance in the same way every time, great going forward and let down by silly errors at the back. The good definitely outweighed the bad though, with the main thing being the 3 points gained. Also, a win with Sadio Mane missing is a big thing for this team, which habitually struggles without Mane's presence.

There were signs of the midfield finally starting to sort out the issues of all being in the same spot at times, but there were just as many times of all the midfield charging forward together and leaving big holes behind them. That for me was the big difference between defensive solidity and huge holes in the defence when countered on.

The front 3, despite missing Mane, ripped Leicester's defence to pieces, but they are missing their best defender in Huth, Morgan is half the player without him alongside him and Maguire is little more than a carthorse, at best. However, you can only beat what is in front of you and 3 of the back 5 (if you include the keeper) were good enough to win the league just 2 seasons ago.

What bothers me is that people were questioning Klopp over recent form, but this problem is down to the players. The system works, it creates more chances than the opponent every game, good chances as well, the issues are down to the personnel. Personnel missing good chances and making silly defensive errors. We are stuck with the personnel we have, so it is up to those players to sort themselves out and stop the stupidity. It only takes a split second for the midfielders to organise themselves so one is always holding back when there is an attack. However, it is up to them to sort it out, they know what they should be doing and they are the ones letting themselves and the fans down.


Klopp - not sure what I can say about Klopp, other than goalkeeper position, he picked the strongest side possible and got 3 points. Hopefully he will finally bite the bullet and drop Migs for good now after that performance, as the media can hardly have a reason to jump on his back for the decision after such a dreadful showing.


Mignolet - I really do not want to speak about him, some things are just unforgivable and a goalkeeper bottling the chance to collect a simple ball with his hands due to an onrushing forward is one of them. It was a penalty and it was all his fault. Time to release him if no one wants to buy him, just get rid. His stupidity alone deserves the sack. That was gross incompetence. It is no wonder the defending is so tense and full of errors when they can literally have no confidence in the keeper.

This is without mentioning the pathetic flapping at the ball he did which led to the Okazaki goal. That was embarrassing. Very embarrassing. Yes he was fouled, but it was not enough to stop him getting to the ball, Mignolet missed it because he was too busy looking for a free kick. Get the ball clear first then complain! Basics. Though I am beginning to wonder if he has ever been taught any basic football skills as his kicking suggests he had never actually played football until he was in his 20s.


Gomez - decent enough learning game for the youngster. Did not really offer enough going forward or stand out defensively, but did ok.


Matip - I have said all I can on him without just repeating the same things over and over. His performance was the same, good on the ball, lacklustre and sluggish defensively.


Lovren - another case of deja vu, does some good defending but makes silly errors that everyone remembers.


Moreno - was less effective going forward than usual, but more effective defensively.


Henderson - this was more like his Arsenal performance, with him getting forward, chasing back, harrying but he scored as well. Yes Hendo scored a goal! However, it does still worry me that there seems so little understanding between the midfield three, though it was not as bad as it has been. Henderson is clearly stronger when given the freedom of the pitch, making him hold is a real waste of his talents.


Wijnaldum - terrible performance, to be quite frank. Utterly anonymous for most of the game. I was really disappointed in him. He needs to do more. Right now he is the central midfielder who looks in most jeopardy of losing his place and I see no sign of him fighting for it.


Can - decent enough performance, a good shot hitting the post, a driving run or two and early on he showed signs of positional awareness defensively to drop in when it was called for. However, he seemed to forget about his responsibilities as the game went on.


Salah - Chilwell will be having nightmares about Salah. Scored one goal and could have had another at least. He is really looking like a fantastic signing right now, all he needs to do is keep up the performances.


Firmino - not one of his better games, though he was still really good, just not as fantastic as he can be. Clearly tired in the second half, or is carrying a knock, not sure which. By the way, when people keep on about his pearly white teeth, is it not a gumshield?


Coutinho - looking more like the Coutinho of old. The fitness is coming and his performance level with it. Excellent free kick as well. Also tired in the second half though.



Sturridge - replaced Firmino in the 64th minute and could have bagged a brace at least. Was extremely effective, despite not being that heavily involved.

Milner - despite coming on with quarter of an hour to go, he never really did anything of note other than pick up a knock attempting a needless and senseless challenge. He just does not seem to have any defined role when he comes on.

Oxlade-Chamberlain - Coutinho was given the chance to rest in the 79th minute and Ox had some time to try and wipe away the memories of the midweek debacle from his mind. Never really got into the game to offer anything.

Written by Tris Burke September 24 2017 07:43:36