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Football News: Article About Rhian Brewster of Liverpool Football Club

Article About Rhian Brewster of Liverpool Football Club
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A week ago, very few had heard of Liverpool FC's Rhian Brewster but now he is a household name after his excellent performances in the U17s World Cup win where he took the golden boot with 8 goals including two hat-tricks against USA and Brazil.

Having watched a lot of Brewster (last season in particular), I can tell you that I'm a big fan of his. I have included his full stats at the bottom of the article for those interested.

Brewster made the step up from the U18s to the U23s look so easy at 16 in January with plenty of goals and assists for the team. He is definitely one to watch in the U23s this coming season.
Brewster plays primarily as a striker but he can also play out wide where he is equally impressive.


He's taken over from Woodburn as the main central striker in the side and he has done very well as he has had big goal scoring boots to fill. He is a very different player to Woodburn I add though as he is more of your typical striker but he does work hard for the players around him and he gives his all every game.

He does like to drop deep and receive the ball and pick a pass to one of the other attacking players. Strikers aren't usually known for having great passing range but Brewster is excellent in this regard hence the number of assists he has registered. An important attribute is his explosive pace which allows him to get in behind defences and just cause havoc. His finishing is very good as well, just watch some of the highlights from the World Cup these past few weeks. Maybe 12 months time we'll see him challenging for a place in the first team.

Klopp said before that there was one special talent in the Liverpool academy. Many thought that he was talking about Woodburn but it has been suggested that Brewster is man in question here.

He was eased into the U23s in January against Ipswich who are not the best side by a long shot and this was probably the best game for him to come into the side. After the first 5 or 6 games in the U23s, he looked to have fully found his feet and he scored a fair few goals since his debut.
He has been a key man for his England side and I often see that he has scored a goal or two to win England a game.


He is a player that wanted a move away from Chelsea for first team football and it's refreshing to see a player with that kind of hunger.

I want to remind everyone though that he is still only 17 years old and he is a long way off the finished article yet. He has bags of potential and he can certainly make it if he keeps his head down and works hard. But it can be easy for a young lad to let the praise of the media get to his head and make him think that he's already made it.

This season will show us what he's made of after having a lot of attention on him at such a young age, and no doubt Klopp will be a little frustrated for him to have quite so much hype surrounding him so early in his career. I think he has a good attitude from what I've seen though and this is clearly seen in his decision to leave Chelsea for us for the benefit of his future. How many times have we heard of an English player hyped up, only for them to crumble on the big stage?

Jerome Sinclair springs to mind here; a player that made his first team debut at 16, and now he is rotting in the reserves at Watford. Brewster needs to be wary that there is a long way to go before he makes the first team and all he can do now is continue improving the way he is.

Here are his overall stats playing for the U18s:


England U17s:

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Written by DaRedMan October 31 2017 09:28:15