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Formula 1: Bahrain Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 2 In Bahrain

1. I really do not like the virtual safety car. I do not like the race being, effectively, suspended. I want to see it all closed up so cars can try and overtake again. The old style safety car has worked for many years, sometimes you do not need to fix things. In particular, early in the race when no one has been lapped, there really is no point in not using the proper safety car and closing the race up. The excitement in racing is when cars are close and trying to overtake, so close them up when you can please.

2. It seems certain now the Ferrari engine has the edge on the Mercedes, which is novel. Even down the pack in the customer cars, the Ferrari cars had the power edge. Could make things interesting as the season goes on if the Merc development can close the gap.

3. It really does look like, as I thought before the season kicked off, McLaren have made a big mistake in listening to Alonso and swapping their Hondas for Renault engines. Honda has the edge on power already, plus more money to develop the engine with and less cars to supply. Toro Rosso have already benefitted, it could see them push their sister carsw hard this season.

4. In my opinion Bottas is simply not good enough. He never got after Vettel, like he should have, even when he did his lap times were so far off Hamilton it is ridiculous to think they are in the same car. Both Ferrari and Mercedes have a similar thing, with one driver a step or two above their team-mate. That could be a real problem for them in the constructors championship.

5. Raikkonen has no luck. If it goes wrong it almost always seems to be him who suffers. Questions do need to be raised about the Ferrari system. If the light goes green and one wheel has not been attached properly is one thing, but it should be able to tell when a wheel has not come off at all! I just hope the mechanic is OK.

6. Red Bull still struggling with reliability. They do tend to push the envelope with their design and it can lead to these kind of issues, but losing both cars so early is concerning as it suggests something more serious than a design issue.

7. Best of all, that was a genuinely good race. Right to the end as well. It is always good when the cars go into the final lap and you are still wondering who is going to win. That was a really good race with a lot of actual racing involved. More of the same in China please!

Written by Tris Burke

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