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Formula 1: China Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 3 In China

1. The proper safety car is so much better than the virtual one. Both change races, but the proper one at least closes up the pack and creates the opportunity for overtaking.

2. Ferrari need to rethink their strategies. Using Raikkonen as a roadblock? What was that all about? They should be more pro-active and less reactive to other teams around them. They were caught out by other teams pit-stop strategy each time and it cost them an easy win.

3. Mercedes are no better than Ferrari. They are reacting to other teams rather than thinking about what is best for each car as a separate entity. They had plenty of time to get Hamilton in when the safety car came out, as Red Bull showed. Really, really poor error that would have cost them a lot more if Verstappen was not so wild.

4. Verstappen is great entertainment, even if it does not always help his results. Please do not stop him taking chances, it is what I want to see, someone making a dive down the inside late etc. I know it does not always work out but this is a race and drivers should be trying to finish as high as possible by overtaking an opponent. Much better than Bottas following a struggling Ferrari because he does not have the balls to take the chance.

5. While that was great to watch when the tires were off on some and not on others, the overtaking is still an issue in a straightforward race. The safety car made that exciting by mixing things up, when it would otherwise have been fairly dull as a spectacle. They are looking at changes to the front wing to make it possible for cars to follow closer, I really hope they see sense and strip as much downforce as they can off the cars. It makes for much better racing if the cars are heavier and have less downforce. Heavier is better as the brakes are less effective and so give a bigger braking zone, so enabling more possibility of outbraking someone. Also makes the handling more difficult and so more chance of mistakes creating overtaking opportunities. Less downforce makes it easier to follow closely, so creating more chance of overtakes.

6. Nice to see Ricciardo win after all the problems they had just getting him out to take part in qualifying. It was a true team win as it was the mechanics that worked so hard to get his engine ready for qualifying, his driving added to great calls from the pit wall plus brilliant double pit stops from the team that put him in a position to chase a win. Then excellent work by him to actually take the win.

Written by Tris Burke

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