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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Azerbaijan Talking Points

Formula 1: Azerbaijan Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 4 In Azerbaijan

1. Lewis you jammy get! Just when it looked like all the luck was going Bottas's way again everything changes on the dash to the line after the safety car. First that silly lunge by Vettel puts Hamilton into second and then Bottas runs over some debris. About time the incidents helped him though I guess, he has not had a lot of luck in that regard prior to this.

2. That Verstappen-Ricciardo crash had been coming virtually since the race started. Everytime Ricciardo tried to overtake I was expecting a crash. It was good racing right up until then. It is quite odd watching without sound, as I could not get the English audio to select on my viewing box for some reason, so I do not know if there were any other issues that may have caused it, but it looked to me like Verstappen paid the price for swerving all over the track giving Ricciardo nowhere to go when he locked up.

3. What on earth was Grosjean doing? Without sound I have no idea if there was some car problem, so it just looked like he messed it up.

4. Well done Leclerc, always good to see the minnows do well. Also good to see Perez on the podium, but a Sauber in the points is brilliant. Hopefully they can stay as competitive as they were today in the long term.

5. It was odd how the Renaults and Toro Rossos started off looking really quick then just suddenly dropped back like they had no pace. Particularly the Toro Rossos, as the Renault that was left recovered by the end, but Toro Rosso just seemed to lose all pace for no reason.

Written by Tris Burke May 16 2018 16:09:12


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