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Sports Articles: Formula 1: France Talking Points

Formula 1: France Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 8 In France


1. So good to see the return of a French GP. The sport of F1 originated there, so they should do whatever it takes to ensure there is always a race there every year. It was a huge mistake to take it away from the French. That should a guaranteed race, the only thing that should be to be decided is which track hosts it.


2. What a difference compared to the last couple of races! Not just the drivers' unfamiliarity causing the pile up but also opening up more places to overtake and so turning it into a race. Maybe that is the key to making it more exciting? Perhaps they need to constantly change the circuits to liven it up?


3. The Mercedes engine upgrade made a significant difference, shame we did not get to see it go head-to-head with the Ferrari in the race. It will be interesting to see if the race pace really has improved as much as the qualifying pace has done.


4. What on earth has happened to McLaren? They were very competitive in the midfield battle at the start of the season, now they are backmarkers. Alonso clearly was not himself today, maybe he was tired from winning Le Mans last weekend, but even Alonso at his best would have struggled to get that car in the top 10. How has it got so bad? They were claiming to have a chassis that could compete with Red Bull and using the same engine, yet it is nowhere near the Red Bulls. No wonder changes are being made there.


5. Honda seemed to have dropped the ball a bit as well. Surprisingly they seem to be dropping back again in the development race. With Red Bull taking the Honda engine next season, they will really have to catch up again or Red Bull are going to be in a similar position to the last few years.


6. The new rules are interesting, should increase the effect of DRS, hopefully reduce the influence of aerodynamics as well. However it would be nice if they could do something completely different in terms of direction that opens up something for one of the backmarkers to get a jump on the rest by finding something different no one else thought of. There has been a major lack of innovation in the sport in recent years, with everyone pretty much going the same direction on everything.

Written by Tris Burke June 24 2018 17:31:11


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