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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Britain Talking Points

Formula 1: Britain Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 10 In Britain


1. What was happening? There was overtaking, excitement and a genuine question to be answered over who would win. Was it really a Formula 1 race? Please let us have more of the same!


2. Maybe they could do with relaxing some rules with regard to working on the cars or something, to ensure the full field at least start the race each time. Brandon Hartley's Toro Rosso may have been no threat to the front of the grid, but more cars on the track is better, in my opinion.


3. Ferrari's starts seem suspiciously good. Without any kind of assistance from technology, no team should be so consistently faster than the rest. Just so long as they are not one-two on the grid it provides for excitement, but it is worrying that they have found some loophole to make it into a mechanical process rather than an art for the driver.


4. Well done Lewis Hamilton. I can only applaud that drive, to get knocked to the back of the pack on the opening lap and finish the race in second place was a fantastic drive. Some brilliant overtakes and fantastic driving to rescue what could have been an absolute disaster.


5. Sebastian Vettel must be pig sick. Yes he won the race and extended his lead, but he must have thought he was going to put a huge gap between himself and Hamilton after that first lap. It did not really play out well for him in the end. Well not as well as he would have thought. Right up until his pit stop, it looked nailed on that he would win and Hamilton would struggle to get pask Kimi Raikonnen, if he could even catch him. It must have really taken the edge of his win.


6. Renault have really fallen behind the pace in engine development. Is it merely the Fernando Alonso effect? Every time he changes something in his career it immediately goes into decline in recent years. Usually whatever he leaves behind suddenly finds a new lease of life the moment he goes. Is he a Jonah or are Renault just not very good at building F1 engines?


7. Is Charles LeClerc better than Max Verstappen? Verstappen seems to be losing his way just as the Frenchman takes the sport by storm.

Written by Tris Burke July 08 2018 20:07:06


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