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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Germany Talking Points

Formula 1: Germany Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 10 In Britain


1. Formula 1 is so much better when there is a genuine possibility of rain, but not a certainty. Nice to see teams taking a gamble and some paying off others not. It added drama and tension, as well as excitement, overtaking and kept you constantly guessing which driver would win until the last lap.


2. Having mixed up fields is entertaining, so long as it is possible to overtake on the track. Though it was a shame Ricciardo never got to the rain to really get amongst it at the front end.


3. Whoever it was that once said it was a good idea to have random water sprays on dry tracks, they might be onto something as a motorsport, though I am not convinced I would want something so contrived in F1. It would be good with saloon car racing or similar.


4. How unlucky was Vettel? One slight error and he threw away an almost certain race win. When he stopped and came out ahead of Hamilton, it looked like he had it in the bag. No wonder he was slamming the steering wheel in frustration.


5. Perversely, how lucky was Hamilton? From 14th to the race win and only Vettel got out of his way to let him get that far, though Bottas was called off when he tried to attack him at the end.


6. Does it make it more interesting that no one know which tires to use? Though the softest compounds always seem to have way too much life in them to really make a difference on pace using them. Maybe they should have more defined differences? I mean do they really need 5 different types? Why not just 3 in total that go to every track, with a much bigger spread between them.


7. Why on earth did Toro Rosso go to full wets? What had happened there? Intermediates was an odd choice, but full wets? They took the madness of the short shower of rain and dialled up to 15!

Written by Tris Burke July 23 2018 05:22:25


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