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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Hungary Talking Points

Formula 1: Hungary Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 11 In Hungary


1. Rain made the qualifying interesting but the lack of it made the race boring, for the most part. They really have to think about what they can do to make tight twisty circuits more entertaining races. There are still issues following other cars closely, even with more DRS zones.


2. Thankfully Daniel Ricciardo started well down the field and showed it is possible to overtake and did well to deal with Valterri Bottas after they initially tangled. That was good racing and he did well to gather it up and take him cleanly.


3. Speaking of Bottas, what was he thinking? That tangle with Vettel was always going to end in tears as he did his usual half-arsed attempt at overtaking, rather than committing fully. He was never going to hold onto the place for much longer anyway, but at least he would have had 4th at worst if he had given the place up or gone all in. Everyone knows he is weak and lacks aggression, which is why Vettel was not expecting him to go for it and why he just expected him to bottle it. That little touch on the kerb that slid him into Vettel came about because he tried to abort and that has made sure his reputation of lacking bottle will stay intact and next time he will again find the door shut. Going all in might well have ended up in an accident but at least the next time people would have been looking out for him going for it.


4. Renault are fast falling behind in engine terms, with Honda now up with them by the looks of it. Can they close the gap on Mercedes and Ferrari? The way things are going they are going to be the worst engine of the lot by a long way.


5. What next for Force India? The takeover could well have gone through and provided them with the funding to finally bring through the updates they have to use. They really need them badly as they are falling to the back and dropping off the pace for good. With the Merc engine no longer being the best engine, they have no advantage in that respect either, so they need a boost.

Written by Tris Burke July 29 2018 17:18:09


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