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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Italy Talking Points

Formula 1: Italy Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 13 In Italy


1. Now that was a race! Overtaking galore, crashes and a genuine sense that I was not sure who would win it until right near the end when Raikonnen's tires gave up. Having long, fast straights, followed by slow corners is the best way to provided entertaining races.


2. What was Vettel thinking at the start? When he was winning the title each season, he was cold and calculating, now he often seems desperate and making rash decisions regularly. I know he knew driving a Ferrari at Monza there was no way he would pick up a penalty, even if he had run with spikes in the wheels and trashed every opponent that came near, like an old-school chariot. However he really has to start playing the long game. You are in the fastest, most powerful car on a circuit suited to it, there is no need to go all in on the first few corners. Bide your time and get him back later.


3. Interesting to see the Renault engine was not as far off the pace as you would expect if the claims of it being 70hp down on the others is correct. It cannot be due to the new 'C' spec engines, as Renault themselves were still using the 'B' spec apparently. Still it is a good sign if they have closed the gap a bit, maybe Red Bull can actually challenge for a win again this season.


4. Bit of a surprise that Force India struggled so badly on a circuit that should have suited their low-drag car down to the ground. Was it a one off in Belgium or have they really got back to form with the injection of funds from Stroll and co?


5. How on earth did Esteban Ocon end up with no drive for next season? There are so many worse drivers around, yet somehow he has no car lined up to drive next season. It is odd to say the least. Especially when you consider part 6.


6. What on earth is the point in Stoffel Vandoorne? Just what does he offer McLaren? I can only assume he is a pay driver, because he should be nowhere near Formula 1. He is miles away from a totally unmotivated Fernando Alonso. Probably the slowest driver of the current crop and this is an era of fewer teams, so there should only be the cream of the crop in the cars.

Written by Tris Burke September 02 2018 20:00:25


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