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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Singapore Talking Points

Formula 1: Singapore Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 14 In Singapore


1. After last weekend's exciting race, it was back to the tedium of (in the main) cars just trailing each other round the track. Though that is no excuse for all the whining about blue flags. How on earth can someone be penalised for being too busy overtaking a car they are racing to get out of the way? Please, please, please just scrap the blue flag rule. F1 was so much more exciting when backmarkers could race the frontrunners. It also gave them a chance to show what they can do as a racer.


2. What on earth was Perez thinking? Taking out his team-mate at the beginning, in what was a slightly dubious fashion was bad enough to make you expect him to take care for the rest of the race but that was just a ridiculous side swipe on Sirotkin. It reminded me of when Vettel lost the plot and smashed into Hamilton. That was insanity.


3. Speaking of Sirotkin, he was no better than Perez. Sometimes you have to question whether the punishments are harsh enough to discourage the stupidity Sirotkin and Perez displayed. They were out of the race anyway, so what does a stop and go or 5 second penalty actually matter? What they both did, on a few occasions, was dangerous.


4. Hamilton looks to have ended the challenge from Vettel with that qualifying performance. Vettel drove like a beaten man with no real heart or desire to take risks. Has he got anything left? If not this is going to be a very dreary end to the season.


5. Looks, on the face of it, a good move to swap Raikkonen and Leclerc. I like Kimi but he is clearly not a top driver anymore, whereas Leclerc looks like he will be one, if he is not already.


6. Why has Ocon not got a drive yet for next season? He looks better than a lot of the ones who do. Could it be all the tangling with Perez has cost him a career in F1? If so, why has he been the one to miss out rather than Perez, who is the experienced driver and should know better?


7. Let's hope those new designs make a difference in races like this, because not being able to get close enough to even make an attempt to overtake is going to kill racing altogether if it is allowed to continue.

Written by Tris Burke September 16 2018 15:46:56


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