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Football News: Review Of The Day 26th September 2018

Review Of The Day 26th September 2018
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Review of the Day


Diop Pledges International Future To Spain

One of the stars of Lyon's Champions League win over Manchester City, Pape Cheikh Diop, has pledged his international future to Spain. The 21 year old was born in Senegal before moving to Spain at the age of 14 and has represented Spain at youth level, being a major part of Spain's European U-19 success in 2015. Pape Cheikh told Marca: "I have been called by Senegal several times, but I remain committed to Spain. Of course, I can never forget my origin, I am Senegalese, but I also feel Spanish. Spain has given me everything and I want to give back in return. I am very happy with the decision I've made." Despite playing for Spain, he has not forgot his time in his birth country with Solar FC, where he played barefoot: "Solar FC was where it all started for me and I still have interesting memories. Now I try to help out with everything I can: with clothes, kits, balls and whatever I can. The conditions are not easy down there and we have to help them."


Duchatelet Shifts Blame

A Charlton Athletic statement has claimed that a dispute over bonus payments with staff has hindered the sale of the club and that it has come as "a significant blow" to owner Roland Duchatelet's "reputation" and affected his ability "to sell the club". This is despite having had years to sell the club and a takeover involving an Australian consortium claimed to be close to completion in June, long before any bonus row. Added to that, damaging his reputation, which was in the toilet years ago, is laughable to say the least.


Isco Ruled Out For A While

Real Madrid forward Isco has been diagnosed with acute appendicitis and will be missing for an undetermined length of time after an operation. Isco has made 6 appearances so far this season.


FIFA Proposes Loan Limit

FIFA is proposing a change to loan regulations, which will see the number of loans allowed each season to be limited to just 6 to prevent clubs stockpiling talent. With a club such as Chelsea currently having 40 players out on loan this season, that would involve a massive change in the way they deal with younger players on their books. FIFA also intends to re-introduce the regulation of agents by next summer after deregulation of the practice in 2015, however they dismissed proposals to cap agents' fees. They are also looking to make a significant increase in the solidarity payments made to lower league clubs who have trained players only to lose them to clubs from other countries.


Mourinho Strips Pogba Of Vice-Captaincy

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has claimed that there were no problems around his decision to strip Paul Pogba of the vice-captaincy, prior to seeing his team, without Pogba, lose on penalties to Derby County in the EFL Cup. Mourinho said: "The only truth is that I made the decision for him not to be second captain any more but there is no fallout, no problem. I am the manager I can make these decisions. No fallout at all, no problem at all, just a decision that I don't have to explain." If there is no problem then why make the change? Are the questions he is being asked over the decision not a fallout of kinds?


Rossi Protests Innocence Over Failed Drugs Test

Former Manchester United striker Giuseppe Rossi, currently a free agent, has denied any wrongdoing after testing positive for a banned substance. Rossi told ANSA: "I have always been clean, this is a clear case to be shelved: the positive test is due to an involuntary food contamination."

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