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Football News: Mediocrity and apathy now permeate Manchester United like a cancer

Mediocrity and apathy now permeate Manchester United like a cancer
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Manchester United are now riddled with lethargy and stagnation. We are a football club without sporting ambition or purpose. We are rudderless and dangerously drifting towards irrelevance.

The latest result against Crystal Palace doesn't matter, the league was surrendered weeks ago. We are now so detached from the top of the Premier League, I doubt the likes of Manchester City or Liverpool give us a second thought.

When we gaze at the table, we no longer look to the top. 4th position is now our gold medal, our panacea, our idea of success. The summit is so far away we daren't even look.

We have become apologists for the mundane and the average. A club with the history, tradition and resources of Manchester United should not be languishing in 7th position, 14 points behind the leaders in mid November! This level of performance should not be tolerated.

We are not in transition or in a rebuild, but in free fall. The level of performance from the manager and many of the players is unacceptable. 4th place is unacceptable. We should not be fooled or have our expectations suppressed. We should not be deceived or misled into thinking 4th place represents success - it doesn't!

There will be no title again this season, there won't even be a challenge. Is it little wonder Mourinho is having problems motivating the players when the Club are content to finish in 4th place. This attitude now permeates our Club. Qualification in the Champions League is celebrated in the board room like winning the competition itself and that fact alone explains everything that is rotten with our Club. We have become a sanctuary for the ordinary and a symbol of mediocrity. Happy to pocket the cash for simply making up the numbers.

When you lower your ambition and expectations, when you value revenue, sponsorship and markability above trophies and success, you betray the history and tradition of the Club and the fans that support it.

Before anything else we need the vision, commitment and determination to make us the very best and unless we have that, things will not change. A Director of Finance will only mirror the ambition of his employers and will not provide the answers to our problems. Without ambition and leadership there is no way back to the top.

The title is gone, top 4 is irrelevant unless you want your dividend, so why don't we just try playing some football!

Written by DLIB November 25 2018 10:23:46


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