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Football News: Is Solskjear a Clever Appointment by Manchester United?

Is Solskjear a Clever Appointment by Manchester United?
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So it looks like its Solskjear until the end of the season.

That in my opinion is a clever appointment, he is a beloved ex-player who all the fans whether they think he is the right choice or not will more than likely get behind.

The club wanting to hire an ex-player in an interim role is quite telling. It seems to say that uniting the dressing room and re-establishing the club ethos is more important than bringing in someone to build for the future. It seems the club feel foundations need laying before a more experienced, longer term manager can be brought in. During mid season that makes more sense. This season is pretty much a right off anyway. 11 points behind 4th place before Christmas means UCL qualification is more of a dream than a reality. So with little to play for getting things right for the start of next season makes more sense.

Many of us have said there is a clear issue in the dressing room. Pogba and his posse and the influence he has on some players, Sanchez is a loner and not liked by many, even Valencia a previous hard working and committed player has gone off the rails. Then the fact nearly half the squad want to leave. It all adds up to a hell of a mess.

Bringing in a likeable and we'll supported ex-player as manager shows an attempt to solve the rifts in the dressing room and getting as many of the players as possible to start working for the cause and pulling in the right direction.

Ole can weed out the ones who need to leave, the club can then move them on. Giving a clean slate and a happy squad for the new manager.

An interim appointment also gives Woodward breathing space and time to pick the right manager going forward. If it works out then it's an excellent appointment, if it goes wrong it was only ever temporary.

There are a few options for ex-players, Blanc, Bruce, Keane, Neville, Hughes, Giggs or Solskjear.

Out of those options if you are only looking at someone until the summer Old might be the best option. Keane is too combustible to come in and unite the dressing room. Blanc, Bruce and Hughes would all want a longer term deal, they are too established and have an identifiable style that might not be where the club want to go moving forward.

That leaves Neville, Giggs and Solskjear, of the three Solskjear has the most experience and is probably best placed to unite the players.

I wouldn't be too concerned with his spell at Cardiff, the club was a mess when Ole was there. Also he tried to introduce a more open expansive style at Cardiff, they didn't really have the quality of players to adapt to that style quickly enough.

He has been successful at Molde, so I feel fairly confident that he will do a decent job on the field. However, I suspect it is his impact off the field for which he has truly been hired for.

Written by Shappy December 19 2018 12:18:19