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Football News: Why are Manchester United Supporters Turning Against Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

Why are Manchester United Supporters Turning Against Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?
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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a mammoth task on his hands. From top to bottom, the club is in disarray, but i do not agree with the 'Poor us' narrative that's being thrown about. It's difficult to stomach to be honest, but you would think we were a relegation threatened club. the current predicament is not where a club of Manchester United's stature should be, but we are where we are because of our own doing; years of mismanagement and lack of planning or structure has culminated in what we have today.

we have a mismatch of players on obscene wages who are simply not good enough to get us challenging where we want to be. It is a simple fact that we have recruited poorly or not backed the manager (especially Jose Mourinho) when he needed it. So how is this Ole's fault? How can people be calling for his head without the opportunity to bring in his own players and had the opportunity to try and rebuild this club. We all talk about patience, but quite frankly, when it actually comes to implementing it, we are the most impatient group of fans out there. We talk proudly about supporting our own players and managers, yet a section of our fans give the worst abuse to our own. i don't seem to recall anybody calling out Ole when we went on that fantastic run of wins and the brilliant night against Paris Saint-Germain.

Ole is not without fault though, I do have concerns that he has tried several formations and there does not seem to be any resemblance to an identity or pattern of play. Tactically, I am not sure about his ability. He has said a few things in the media which has made me question whether he is the right man, but at least he gives a damn about this great club. He has shown that he can bring some high intensity and attacking football during play. However, you have to look at what is at his disposal; A bunch of mostly overrated, arrogant and quite frankly despicable group of players. They have the worst attitude I have ever seen from a United side, i have never disliked a United team more.

So why are Manchester United supporters turning against Ole?, why aren't we appreciating the fact that these players let down one of the most successful managers in recent times?

It is all about agendas, we sometimes let our personal feelings get in the way of our perception of the manager. I was a Jose supporter until a month or so before the end where I just wanted him to leave. Yet some people never wanted him, so never gave him a chance. I have done the same with David Moyes where i never gave him a chance. Some fans never wanted Ole so they cannot wait for him to slip up, so they can push their agenda and say 'i told you so', which is actually embarrassing. We all support the same club and we cannot even get behind our manager? we do not deserve glory if we are this toxic.

I have seen on Twitter that people are now turning round and apologising to Jose and wanting him back! We as united fans have the tendency to look back at the previous manager and say, 'He was not that bad'. i think Jose is a great manager and will succeed elsewhere if he is backed, but he was simply wrong for United. i think some have short memories at just how destructive and toxic he was in the media. He threw players under the bus (deservedly to be honest) and his tactics were embarrassing at times.

He did expose the board for what they are though. He was right, but he had to go. So can we leave him in the past and stop bringing up that if he was backed, he would have succeeded. His football was never the right fit for us. Leave him in the past and let's look forward to the future.

i think we have to accept we are so far behind and need to back Ole because he is here now and he is leading us next season. People calling for him to be sacked are an embarrassment and are 'toxic' fans. if you have grievances, direct it towards Ed Woodward and the players. At this rocky time we as Manchester United fans need to pool together and be united.

This is what i think Manchester United have to do to revamp the squad:

1. Any player who wants to leave should go regardless of who it is. If they want to join another club, we should sell them as soon as possible by getting the best fees, so we can move on and build this squad.

2. Once we have identified who is not committed, we then have a look at those who are simply aren't good enough. Jones, Young and others should be thanked for their services then shown the door. No more sentimental rubbish, simply not good enough.

3. Doing the two steps above should clear out potentially 7-8 players leaving us with 15-16 players to work with and build something substantial. We then need to invest in key areas: Right Back, Centre Back, Central Midfield, Right Wing, Centre Forward / Striker.

4. Bring in a Technical Director to identify and implement an identity, style and type of player we need at this club. At this point i do not care who it is, we just need to start putting a plan in place to rebuild this club.

5. After additions, we would have a squad with around 21 first team players which should be supplemented with youth: Chong, Gomes, Greenwood, Tuanzebe, Garner and so on. We have trimmed the fat and added much needed quality to a smaller squad. Weeding out the poor attitude in the dressing room is so important for Ole to command respect. This 'Player power' is toxic for any manager, whether it is Jose or Ole, it needs to change.

6. Ole has to implement a style of play and stick to it, all the players need to buy into this and abide by this. Any player that is unable or unwilling to do this must be shown the door. We must be recruiting players who are suited to Ole's philosophy. Marquee or 'shirt sale' signings need to stop, we should not be paying over the odds because this will cause wage structure issues again.

7. Aim to improve on what we have year on year until we have a squad with excellent quality, attitude and consistency that Ole knows can compete for the Premier League title.

This won't be a quick fix, we must be patient. this is likely to take 3 or 4 transfer windows to fix this squad. The hardest part is implementing a style, which i believe the Ole doubters have issues with and it is a fair worry to be honest.

The first two points in this article can be done in one window if we are ruthless. Manchester City managed to do it so it is rubbish if the board argue it cannot be done. If we can do this, i genuinely believe we will be challenging in the next 3 years. if you cannot be patient and understand it takes time to rebuild, then you do not deserve to support this great club. Go take your toxicity and negative energy away from Manchester United, this is a time for sticking to a plan and working tirelessly to improve. Of course, Ole may be the wrong man for the job and that is fine. But until he leaves this club, he has 100% of my support because there are far greater issues like Ed Woodward, the players and the club structure than the manager at this time.

Written by Park3lung May 06 2019 18:30:56


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