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Football News: My current opinion on Everton

My current opinion on Everton
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Tomorrow is a very important game for Everton as much as getting the momentum back on track as getting through to the next stage of a cup competition.

Silva's biggest task at the moment is finding a solution to the attack and getting them to link together effectively.

Iwobi came in and showed great energy but it was more individual play than having an effective cumulative attacking threat. The same goes for Kean. We need this attack to be more together and instinctive than simply just a couple of players making individual attacks.

Moving to a 4-3-3 is what Silva is clearly looking to do and he needs Delph to do that but this is also highlights an area he tried but failed to strengthen further in the summer. The square pegs in round holes people say Silva does clearly falls flat when you hear his quotes.

It's also important he rotates the squad not just for cup games but in the league as well. If a player is tired, has a knock that could lead to greater injury, not showing enough in training or lacking form.

On lack of form Gomes on Friday was shocking and couldn't find a man with a two yard pass BUT he at least wanted the ball and showed great effort to get the team going. If he had a couple of others, like Iwobi and Kean when they came on, it makes a difference to how effective the team is.

Silva failed to see this problem for me on Friday and should have made at least one change at half time. 1st it gives us something different from the start of the second half and second gives a kick up the backside of the players already on the pitch.

Up front DCL does so much right and to be fair to him he hasn't had a lot of opportunities. However, if you are a top striker you can help create for the team or yourself these and this is where he falls down. That's what Kean does do. Maybe, Wednesday is the day to do that.

I've got no doubt whatsoever that we will start to improve upfront. The quality we have now we haven't had for a long time. It's not three or four quality players there's now 6 or 7 that are fighting each other to get in the side. However, as I said, it's not instinctive and fluid and with any pace or urgency.

We had 6 points from 6 games last year but the big problem we had was consecutive wins. That's partly due to it being a difficult league to win away but also how important the 1st goal is in a game.

If we are struggling to score and score 1st like last year your defense is so important. Luckily ours is very good at present, as long as these stay fit. I am worried if we get and injury to Mina and Keane but I'm hoping we can do something in January in this area.

Overall I'd give us 3/ 10 based on performances. Silva would get a 5. Brands would also get a 5. Silva based on Brands.

Brands done brilliant in the transfer window but we needed players in early. I understand it's tough but I think Gbamin, Sidebi, Iwobi and Gomes could have come earlier. I don't think there would have been any resistance from those sides in letting them go. Kean was going to be drawn out I understand that but the others could've been done much sooner.

I bumped Silva up to 5 based on the fact he's had no time to work with these players during the summer. However, games will come thick and fast and he's got the best opportunity to get them up to speed and working together. IF he doesn't then absolutely call him on it and have a go. But be original (dont sound like a novice and compare to Martinez where there is not one similarity between the two managers. Arguing there is makes you sound incompetent in debate) and put a case forward that involves not just the manager but an overall view. Players, injuries, circumstance all have a part to play.

It's not all doom and gloom after one defeat (and you are a fool if you think this) but there is concern that needs to be addressed upfront and in the CM positions. No one can be blind to that.

For me and 99% of other Evertonians it's a game to learn from and hope that the next game we start to get things moving in the right direction.

Written by BlueJohnUns August 27 2019 14:18:48


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