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Football News: Top 10 Goalkeepers

Top 10 Goalkeepers
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Top 10 Goalkeepers


10. Alban Lafont - Nantes on loan from Fiorentina

When Fiorentina splashed out on the young Frenchman, they intended him to be their number one for the long term, but he has struggled to settle in Florence. Still only 20 years old now, he has a bright, bright future ahead of him.


9. Lukasz Fabianski - West Ham United

The Poland international has come a long way since he was laughingly nicknamed 'Flappyhandski' while at Arsenal, where his ricks were more obvious than his talent. Since then he has rebuilt his reputation and become an excellent goalkeeper. His fitness is now key to the Hammers chances of finishing high up the table, as they struggle to defend without him.


8. Matz Sels - Racing Strasbourg

The Belgian has been improving over the last few years to become (arguably) the best keeper in Ligue 1. It is little wonder they gave him a new long term contract recently, and it can only be a matter of time before Sels establishes himself as his country's number one.


7. Andre Onana - Ajax

An extremely athletic and agile keeper who makes use of his fast feet to keep the ball out of the net at all costs. He is very raw and in need of a lot of polishing, but the potential is there to move up the list. In recent years he has come on in leaps and bounds.


6. Gianluigi Donnarumma - AC Milan

Still a very young keeper but in recent years he has not been making the progress expected. He is still a big, imposing and agile young keeper, but does have the potential to make a silly error. There is still a long way to go before he reaches his peak, though it is worrying how little improvement he has made since first bursting on the scene at just 16.


5. David de Gea - Manchester United

Once upon a time the best in the world, an almost unbeatable wall who saved his team ridiculous amounts of points every season. While he is far from that level in the last few seasons, and has suddenly started making uncharacteristic errors, he is still an excellent shotstopper.


4. Ederson - Manchester City

One of the best in the world with the ball at his feet but not the best shotstopper around. Positionally he is suspect as well, but he is so good on the ball that his weaknesses are more than made up for by his strengths. At least they are with his club side, it might be different if he played for Burnley!


3. Marc-Andre ter Stegen - Barcelona

I am shocked that there is currently an argument going on in Germany about whether he or Manuel Neuer should be the national goalkeeper. There is no comparison any more as Neuer is a shadow of the player he once was, while ter Stegen has improved his game massively. Could still do with working more on his shotstopping, but his overall game is top class.


2. Jan Oblak - Atletico Madrid

Not the best with the ball at his feet and he is massively helped by the strength of the defence in front of him, but he is an excellent keeper who helps organise that defence. Oblak is what you call solid and reliable, he just keeps the ball out of the net in an unflappable fashion without the flashy dives some lesser keepers are prone to.


1. Alisson Becker - Liverpool

Impossible to look beyond the Brazilian as he is the one keeper who is outstanding in every area of the goalkeeping skillset. He is quick off his line to sweep up, exceptional on the ball with a really high class range of passing, positionally solid and agile shotstopper and he looks like the new Superman (or does the new Superman look like him?). His arrival has transformed Liverpool into contenders for any trophy he plays in, as he makes such a huge difference to the team.

Written by Tris Burke November 10 2019 12:29:00


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