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Football News: Celtic and Decisions not going Rangers' Way

Celtic and Decisions not going Rangers' Way
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I'm like most other Glasgow Rangers fans and probably most Glasgow Celtic fans will have a sneak peek at watching the other half's games, in the hope that the other half's opposition during the match, manage to raise their game and get a draw or a win. I will cheer a goal against Celtic with as much vigour as when my team score.

I'm 54 and have been watching football at all levels all my life and I've never seen anything like the Club from the other side of the city, from their board, manager and his staff and all the playing staff and fans.

There is always a lot of talk about Sporting integrity and this brings me to my points. I'm like most other Rangers fans, I work along side Celtic fans. One day I remember not so long ago a certain final involving Celtic and Porto, which was one game i didn't watch.

Porto won the match and every Celtic fan I know to a man including most media outlets, stated that Celtic were cheated out of winning this game. Now I would like these same fans and media outlets to look at this current team at present. Christie, Forrest, Brown, Jullian and Ajar to name a few, diving about and over exaggerating challenges, rolling about the ground as if they had a really serious injury. Players going down with cramp even goal keepers, yes you read right, a goal keeper going down with cramp.

All this in a bid to get fellow professional players booked or sent off or to waste time or win free kicks and penalties. Basically trying to con the Referees (refs). This is the same club who write to the Scottish Football Association (SFA). demanding answers when a decision doesn't go their way and constantly rant about referees being biased and corrupt. Send threatening letters to The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), with ex players and media feeding the frenzy with every single decision given against them being analysed and highlighted in every detail from every angle until they find the right angle to suit their argument.

These same fans, ex players and media are also highlighting every decision given to Rangers. Cherry picking every incorrect decision given to us to support their argument that the refs are corrupt and biased. In my opinion, the refs in general are being influenced and are intimidated when faced with a 50/50 decision involving Rangers, because to give the decision in Rangers' favour would possibly result in some amount of the above backlash.

I believe Celtic Football Club and its supporters from across the city are unscrupulous and are being allowed to get away with it. I am sick to death of major decisions not going Rangers' way. It's now becoming a weekly occurrence. In the last couple of weeks, poor refereeing and linesman decisions have cost Rangers a cup and the joint top of the Scottish Premiership League position.

I fully believe, had the same decisions gone against Celtic, we would be looking at letters to the government, SFA and UEFA. Cries for Public Inquiries and front page news about it across the globe.

Written by Stewartyyblue December 22 2019 15:11:57


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