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Football News: Rangers Supporters Should Not Boo Our Own Players

Rangers Supporters Should Not Boo Our Own Players
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Good morning lads, really looking forward to Thursday and even although Rangers' performances haven't been great lately, I have a good feeling that we can get a result.

On Saturday, after the game was called off, a lot of Rangers fans headed to the pub that myself and a couple of mates were in and it was good to blether to fans outside my normal group of pals and hear their opinions on things. A lot of the discussion was around Ryan Kent and his current form and treatment by some fans from the stands.

I'm aware that its a minority of fans that started to groan and boo him a couple of games ago but is it ever acceptable to boo your own players was the main point of the discussion. I'll share what I offered as my opinion and it would be interesting to hear others.

My view is quite simple really. I don't think it's acceptable. It can impact the whole team negatively and create a scenario where the other players are afraid of making a mistake in case they are singled out for the same treatment. Its ok to voice displeasure but to be honest i'm not sure what is an appropriate way to do this.

Focussing on Ryan Kent, he is bang out of form. His confidence to beat a man on the outside is completely shot at the moment yet his stats for assists and goals are already on a par with what he produced last season. I am not someone who believes stats tell the entire story so tend not to focus on that but rather just judge a player by his overall involvement and contribution in a match. What cannot be argued is Ryan Kents attitude and work rate.

Even although he's probably not playing his best just now he tries like a bear and never gives up. This alone should mean that we as a support should never boo this player. If a player as talented as Ryan Kent was out of form and was a non tries then I can understand but not condone boos from the stand.

Looking at it slightly differently. Take our ex player Maurice Edu. Also someone the boo boys liked to target. Maurice Edu probably wasn't the most talented player in the world but every game he gave his all. That alone should earn praise and not boos. Its the same in Halliday's case.

Probably not at a talent level that can move Rangers forward but attitude and desire to play for the jersey cannot be questioned so should never be booed in my opinion. If someones 100% is not good enough then that is the managers call to change it and take that person out of the firing line and give them a bit of protection.

My last angle on this you will be glad to hear lol. Sheyi Ojo! An undoubted talented footballer but his desire and his attitude are lacking severely. Sometimes when he plays he looks like he can't be bothered. This gives more reason to be targeted by the boo boys but I still don't think we should be booing our own. When a player looks disinterested and as though they are hiding or not trying, then this is again down to the manager to make a decision.

To sum up, I think we should never boo our own. Get behind the team no matter what and if someone is having a nightmare, but is giving their all then get behind them, encourage them and let's see if that extra support sees them improve.

Written by MOCBear February 18 2020 09:53:02


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