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Football News: Top 10 - British Attacking Midfielders

Top 10 - British Attacking Midfielders
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Top 10 British Attacking Midfielders

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10. Morgan Gibbs-White - Wolverhampton Wanderers

It just shows how poor the choice is of British players that a player who has yet to do more than show promise is in the list. The only other option I had under consideration was Celtic's Ryan Christie, who had such a poor season in a weak league that I could not see how I could include him. Gibbs-White really does need to start making good on his promise.


9. Ryan Gauld - Farense

The Scot may have been playing in a lesser team in Portugal, but he had an outstanding season and is finally looking like he might achieve some of his potential. Though it is a worry that he only seems to have finally found his feet when the pressure is off.


8. Jacob Ramsey - Aston Villa

The youngster has finally burst through this last season, which puts him ahead of Gauld due to the Scot's previous poor seasons. He still has a lot to do to prove himself but he impressed every chance he got last season and looks like the real deal.


7. Dele Alli - Tottenham Hotspur

He is only just in here and that is based on previous season's form, as he was hopeless last time out. Unless he sorts himself out, he will be nowhere near the top 10 next time round. I am still not sure that I should not have put him further down the list!


6. Adam Lallana - Brighton & Hove Albion

It is clear that age is catching up to him and injuries are affecting him, but he was still central to Brighton's play last season, when fit. While he is only going to slip further down the list, he has been a very good player in his time, especially for England.


5. Jesse Lingard - Manchester United

Family problems have kept him from the game for a while but he was always a decent, if not top class attacking midfielder, with a tendency to score important goals. His spell at West Ham showed he is an excellent player on a counter, with pace and an eye for a goal. The only worry is that his off-field issues may take his mind off the game.


4. Eberechi Eze - Crystal Palace

Has grown considerably since signing for Palace as a raw teenager, who had all the skill but lacked in work ethic. Initially he just wanted to get the ball to feet and nothing else, but Roy Hodgson's coaching has taught him not just to work hard but how to defend as well. That has made him a considerably better player, but the problem is now that he was too good for those around him and needs a step up in level to take his development on.


3. Emile Smith-Rowe - Arsenal

The impact he had on Arsenal last season has lifted him ahead of Eze, just. His emergence saved Arteta from getting the boot, which might well be something Gooners live to regret, if the Spaniard has not learnt any lessons and carries on the way he was going. What is clear is that Smith-Rowe is a player who can change games and that is a rare quality.


2. James Maddison - Leicester City

On-field he has pretty much everything, deadly set-piece delivery, creativity, he's quick, skilful, good vision and range of passing, but a tendency to throw himself to the ground under no challenge is annoying. The problem is that his indiscipline off-field is going to ruin his career if he is not careful.


1. Mason Mount - Chelsea

This lad has changed so many people's opinion of him this season and it is always good to see someone, through pure hard work and dedication to their craft, prove themselves to be better than most were willing to give them credit for. Mount has pretty much all that is needed to go on to be a top class player for a long time to come, so long as he continues to work at his game.

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Written by Tris Burke June 09 2021 12:40:18


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