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Football News: Top 10 - British Right Mids/Wingers

Top 10 - British Right Mids/Wingers
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Top 10 British Right Midfielders/Wingers

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10. David Brooks - Bournemouth

It shows the paucity of options that he is in this list at all. While he did perform well in the Premier League before his lengthy injury, since then he has been playing in the Championship and not standing out.


9. Andros Townsend - Crystal Palace (released)

Inconsistency is rife in his game, you never know what you will get from Townsend from one moment to the next. A moment of brilliance is usually followed by a long run of poor games though, which is why he is so far down the list.


8. Marc Albrighton - Leicester City

A bit of an anachronism, in that he is a right-footed right winger who actually looks to cross the ball with his right foot. He offers consistency and hard work, but lacks genuine pace and skill.


7. Harvey Elliott - Liverpool (on loan at Blackburn Rovers last season)

Unlike Brooks, Elliott stood out in the Championship and showed why the likes of Real Madrid wanted to sign him when he was leaving Fulham. A huge talent and still only 18, but playing with the maturity of a much more experienced player. He just needs to perform at Premier League level now.


6. Jarrod Bowen - West Ham United

Hard work, pace and pops up with goals, there is a lot to like about Bowen, but he just lacks that little something extra that separates the top class players from the rest.


5. Mason Greenwood - Manchester United

Two-footed, skilful, quick and scores goals, Greenwood could be a fearsome prospect on the right wing, if it was not clear neither the club nor him really views it as his long-term position. Sometimes it feels like you can see it in his play, that he is simply marking time before he can move into a more central role.


4. Bukayo Saka - Arsenal

I am not sure right winger is his best position, but I decided a long time ago that if not sure on what position best suited a player I would go with whatever the Transfermarkt website listed them as. With Saka, he has been shunted around into so many different roles, maybe no one is entirely sure where he plays at his best! One thing is for sure, he is an exciting prospect.


3. Jadon Sancho - Borussia Dortmund

I am not Sancho's biggest fan, he has incredible ability but I have fears for his attitude and the fact he chose Emeka Obi as his agent does not augur well. Like Raiola, players choose him because they want to be rich, rather than be the best they can be. Added to that he has had a number of disciplinary problems since joining Dortmund. However, the lack of other genuine right-sided players playing in top flight football means he makes it to number 3.


2. Gareth Bale - Real Madrid (loaned to Tottenham Hotspur)

Speaking of players I am not a big fan and Bale would definitely be in there. He is one of the biggest waste of abilities I have ever seen. He has a huge trophy collection anyway, but it could be so much bigger if he would take care of himself properly and leave the golfing until after he recovers from problems made worse by playing golf. To be honest, if it was based on club form, he would be nowhere near the top 3, but his form for Wales, where he actually puts in real effort, gets him into second.


1. Tariq Lamptey (Brighton & Hove Albion)

His performances at right wing-back for Brighton were outstanding, going forward at least. Lamptey does have a lot to learn defensively, particularly in terms of awareness, but most of his weaknesses are ones that experience should iron out. His rash lunges into needless challenges are common of a youngster trying too hard. One thing is for sure, after his injury Brighton never carried the same threat as they did when he was marauding down the right. Lamptey has pace and skill, plus he worked hard for the team, hence his tendency towards the rash challenge.

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Written by Tris Burke June 18 2021 09:01:39


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