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Football News: Top 10 Goalkeepers

Top 10 Goalkeepers
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Top 10 Goalkeepers

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10. Wojciech Szczesny - Juventus

'Chesney' has come a long way from his Arsenal days, when he was seen as a dodgy keeper with a tendency to drop regular clangers. Now he is a steady keeper for one of the better teams in Europe.


9. Emiliano Martinez - Aston Villa

Speaking of former Gunners' keepers who have gone on to build a big reputation for themselves and we come to Martinez, the most bizarre sale in recent years. Faced with the choice between him and Bernd Leno, Arsenal chose to sell him and keep Leno. This despite Leno being unhappy with the coaching and struggling with the style of play. Martinez has made this decision look positively idiotic with his displays.


8. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen - Barcelona

It is more of a consequence of him being so well suited to Barca's game than anything else that he is so high up the list. He is among the best keepers for playing out from the back.


7. Ilan Meslier - Leeds United

Amongst the best young keepers in the game, he is improving massively from week-to-week. His confidence is growing and with it his performances are getting better and better. In the early weeks of the season he has stood out a mile for Leeds.


6. Gianluigi Donnarumma - Paris Saint-Germain

While his development has stalled somewhat, he is still a top class young keeper with potential to get even better.


5. Ederson - Manchester City

While he is still incredibly well fitted to the City way of playing, he has shown more and more weaknesses in his game in the last couple of years. He can be pinpoint with his passes out from the back when under no pressure, but the moment he is under pressure he is suspect and rash.


4. Thibaut Courtois - Real Madrid

He has improved massively over the course of last season, taking him back to the levels he showed at Atleti. Whether he can maintain that with fans in the ground, which seems to be a problem for him as he is not the most popular player, remains to be seen.


3. David de Gea - Manchester United

The Spanish stopper has returned to his incredible best this season. While he is still not a keeper you would want to rely on to play out from the back, he keeps the ball out of the net brilliantly.


2. Jan Oblak - Atletico Madrid

An excellent and extremely reliable goalkeeper but he is given a very limited role and extremely well protected, which always leaves questions to be answered about him. Until he plays for a team that asks more of him, he will never quite be able to take the top spot.


1. Alisson Becker - Liverpool

Like de Gea, he has returned to top form this season, unlike de Gea the Brazilian is an all-round modern goalkeeper. He is excellent in one-on-ones, a top class shot stopper but he can also play out from the back and some of his passes are world class midfielder level.

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Written by Tris Burke October 03 2021 13:53:03


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