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Football News: Liverpool Vs Everton: View From A Red

Liverpool Vs Everton: View From A Red
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We are used to derbies being intense, boood and thunder, relatively open ended affairs irrespective of the teams position or form. This game was somewhat different and the first half in particular was possibly one of the worst halves of football I've ever seen. Everton came with a clear game plan to disrupt and frustrate us and, in fairness, it worked. We got sucked into their petty stuff and played the game the way they wanted. Second half started roughly the same though Everton showed a little more willingness to counter, and did have a few good moments. The game really changed with the double substitution that introduced Origi and Diaz. They gave the attack more focus, linked up better with their teammates, and caused more problems for Everton pretty much instantly. After their introduction Everton barely threatened at all and, in the end, the game was seen out comfortably. I have a feeling that Villarreal will be set up to make things equally frustrating, and will likely use similar dark arts we witnessed today, so it is a good marker for the team to learn from.


Incredibly cynical from the get go Pickford was wasting time from the second minute onwards, the diving tactics employed by a Gordon and Richarlison were an embarrassment, and their constant pressuring of the referee to dish out cards was very unsavory. But it worked. We got frustrated, we started rising to their bait, and first half, despite the disparity in possession, they would've been happy. Second half started in a similar vein but, as they tired, and as our subs got into the game, they struggled to contain them. They also had a few chances on the break. The bluenoses feel like they had a stonewall penalty turned down, I would argue that Gordon, for both penalty shouts, went down incredibly easily and was certainly looking for the contact he claimed he felt. Ironically, if he hadn't dived so much earlier in the game, he might well of persuaded the ref to award it. Gordon was far and away Everton's best player and, if he would of actually tried staying on his feet, he would've realised he was getting the better of both Trent and Matip. He could've provided more goal threat by staying on his feet, so it was a shame to see him throw himself to the floor at every opportunity. As for Richarlison? Not only a cynical diver and cheat, but a hothead, how he didn't see red for that blatant kick out on Henderson I will never know - it was violent conduct, clear as day.


About as underwhelming a first half as you could imagine. Everton's antics clearly disrupted their rhythm but play was slow, touches were heavy, movement was labored, it was a poor showing. Second half started with a bit more pace and energy though a breakthrough still seemed far off. The substitutions absolutely changed the game, gave our attack much needed focus, and allowed us to create more chances. Diaz immediately caused Coleman issues, but Origi's movement and link up was key and it was this that really changed the game. Klopp is regarded to highly because he figures out ways to win against various types of opposition, this was another tough game and another well earned 3 points.


Alisson - He made saves when he had to, though was largely untested. Had one punch out which was a bit dodgy, but overall solid. His Pickford impression at the end was gold.

Matip - Was the busier of our two CBs and it was clear that, if Everton were going to breakthrough, it as going to be on his side. He had it tough trying to defend Gordon but overall he did well. I don't believe any of their shouts were penalties and I think his game intelligence was crucial in that he didn't overcommit at the wrong time.

VVD - He had it easier than Matip but he was just sauntering at times. He is a great CB but he needs to be sharper, it was fortunate that Everton were never really good enough to exploit this because they could've with a bit more quality.

TAA - He did not have his best game, picked up a booking, struggling to meet his own high standards regarding his passing, but still was decent enough. His threat alone is enough to force teams to change how they play, and that is valuable. He looks mentally fatigued to me though, Gomez may get a few more games before the season is out.

Robertson - Put together a string of excellent performances and this was another one. Always looked to get forward and attack, but never shirked his defensive duties and anyways managed to get back in position. Was certainly never threatened by anyone of Gordon's quality in his side but he played well and got the crucial breakthrough.

Fabinho - A typical, solid display from him broke up play well but didn't move it about as well as he can. I feel like when Thiago plays both Fabinho and Keita are guilty of relying on him as an easy out ball, rather than playing the bold pass themselves. He was decent overall but he can play better.

Thiago - Really struggled to impact the gave first half they were so deep and compact that there was no space for him to exploit. Had more time on the ball second half and, as a result, was more influential. Not his greatest ever game but he is maintaining good standards.

Keita - Nobody shone first half but he was probably the best of our midfielders as he won the ball back consistently. Second half, as the team raised their level, he didn't, and he looked more and more ineffective. Substitution was the right one.

Mane - Not a great game from him looked more frustrated than most, got himself booked, and just didn't impact the game. It is starting to look more and more obvious that both him and Jota in the same 11 doesn't work particularly well.

Salah - Was subdued, like everyone, first half but he still looked tte most dangerous and most likely to make something happen. Got into the game more and more as it went on, assisted Robbo, could've scored himself, it was just a good performance he never stopped asking questions, he got back to defend well, good all round game.

Jota - The criticism most often levelled at him is that, if he doesn't score he does very little else. May of been the case today he struggled to link up with team mates, he did win the ball back multiple times which was good to see but he needs to show more. Right now Diaz starts ahead of him every time.


Diaz - Came on and immediately looked a threat. That threat just meant Everton couldn't focus all their attention on Salah and it opened up the game. Got himself an assist, caused problems for them, he looks top drawer.

Divock - His legacy as a super sub was already cemented but this was another excellent showing off the bench. Good movement off the ball, linked up well with Salah straight away, had a hand in the first goal, scored the second, it was class. He will be missed.

Henderson - Came on and provided balance, grit, as well as good passing. I was surprised he didn't start the game but he came on and settled the team straight away, a good cameo. Richarlison's kick out on him was a blatant red card but the officials got so much wrong in the game that it merely continued a theme.

Klopp - Got it wrong first half, didn't wait too long to change it second half, and his substitutions changed the game. We're lucky to have a manager of his calibre.


A hard fought game, a derby, a gritty and awkward Everton, but our class and quality won out in the end. 3 points was the most important thing and we got it, I still think the quadruple is very unlikely but we are doing everything we can to try. This game was very instructive as I would expect Villarreal to approach our tie in a similar fashion. They have a lot more quality than Everton so we will need to be at the very top of our game to win out. The team is maintaining very good standards, it is now the time of the year we're every result is crucial, if the players can keep mentally focused they have a chance of making history. As a fan I'm just enjoying this crazy ride.

Written by Seano_ April 25 2022 10:27:30


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