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Football News: Newcastle Vs Liverpool: View From A Red

Newcastle Vs Liverpool: View From A Red
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This was probably the most "and they never got out of 2nd gear" game we've had for a while but, due to how Newcastle played, and ultimately how poor they were, we never really had to. You would obviously prefer the scoreline to be more comfortable, and it probably should of been, but 3 points are the most important thing. The midday games often lack in intensity, not to mention quality, and this game suffered from that at times. Lethargic play, slow play, loose passes, it was not the highest quality or the most entertaining but we were in control. Newcastle's form since the new year has been spoken about, and indeed they have an excellent record, but they looked very ordinary here. They barely managed a shot on target, they couldn't keep possession, and they were clearly second best throughout.


I'm not entirely sure what their game plan was but, whatever they were instructed to do, it didn't work. They looked disjointed and never really got going as an attacking threat. Saint Maximin was an obvious outlet but he was never given the space and ultimately had a poor game. Almiron was constantly offside, a combination of poorly timed runs and excellent defensive line, which meant he wasn't a threat. Wood was introduced and tried to bully his way to success but he simply lacks ability. Newcastle didn't press enough and didn't put us under enough pressure and, as a result, it was relatively comfortable. They do have a few decent players and, when they inevitably add more quality they will start to threaten more yeahs at the top half of the table. Guimares looks very capable and was their best midfielder by miles, unfortunately the quality around him isn't at the same level.


A good, solid win in which we controlled the game, limited their threat, and got the 3 points. We could've won by more, it certainly would've made the last 20mins more comfortable, but it was a competent display and a deserved result.


Alisson - Had little to do but made sure that, when he was called on, he was ready. Distribution was accurate today as well which really helped us control the game.

Robertson - Solid game, pushed forward plenty of times, got back and defender really solidly. A sliding tackle around the 90th minute, followed by a break away lead by him, epitomized his performance. He has been absolutely firing this month, very impressive.

Gomez - Had a very good game, got forward well, passing was good, linked up well, defended well, solid performance. He is really high level back up to Trent - I hope he is content enough with his role to stay.

VVD - He was really switched on today and didn't put a foot wrong. Kept the defensive line superbly, won any challenge he was in, completely dominated their attack.

Matip - defensively he was good, also kept the defensive line well, not as dominant as VVD but still did more than enough to keep Newcastle's attack very ineffective. My only criticism of him was that his passing, especially second half, was quite sloppy at times.

Milner - made a great tackle to start the move that lead to the first goal. He was busy and active, a lot of his best work was off the ball, but he still kept possession well and found team mates with passes. Solid.

Henderson - like Milner very solid, neat in possession, good passing, kept everything ticking over nicely. His biggest contribution was constantly demanding the highest standards from those around him, I remember him fuming at VVD at one point. Sets the benchmark for others to follow.

Keita - another good game and a rare full 90 minutes for him. He was good in possession, his passing was good, he broke up play and worked hard, and he scored a really nice, well taken goal. Unlike a lot of our midfielders he really does provide a goal threat, good to see him score today.

Mane - he has been playing at a really high standard so it was inevitable that he would have a blip sooner or later. Wasn't his game today just seemed off it from the first whistle until he was substituted. Lacked a spark, his passing wasn't great, and he missed two really good chances, the second he should've buried. The yellow card he got just before he was substituted summed up his day.

Jota - I thought he had a decent game he worked hard, assisted Keita, was also guilty of squandering good chances, but his overall contribution was positive. He is very hard to stop with the ball at his feet, it is a strong weapon of his that he should use more.

Diaz - was played on the right in place of Salah and, in all honesty, didn't look that great. After Salah came on, and he switched to the left, he looked far more threatening and in his element. A decent game but below the recent, superb standards he has been playing at.


Salah - had one decent chance that he couldn't get out from under his feet, had another he hit at the keeper. Carried a threat but didn't actually have that much by way of clear chances. At the state he came on their was an element of us seeing the game out/ not pushing too hard so that is perhaps why.

Fabinho - came on and picked up were Henderson left off, kept the ball well, broke up play, did what we have come to expect from him.

Thiago - did not have so long to make an impact, helped us keep possession in the closing stages.

Klopp - got it spot on again. We controlled the game, we were clearly the superior team, and on another day it could've be a lot more comfortable. The rotation he is using now has, so far, been hugely successful and every player who has stepped in has performed well. Him extending his contract is a huge boon for us as a club.


This crazy ride continues. Where will it ultimately lead? We can but dream. Three points was the prime objective today, we achieved it without too much trouble despite the early kick off and the mere 2 days rest following the Villarreal game. We are finding ways to win no matter the opposition, no matter our team line up, let's hope we can maintain this until the end.

Written by Seano_ April 30 2022 20:51:38


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