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Football News: What Did Ross Wilson Actually Do At Rangers?

What Did Ross Wilson Actually Do At Rangers?

I said the other day i was going to take a break from this site, but I'm a Rangers supporter of over 40 years and when something i feel is worthy of talking about like the DOF leaving, then i think it's good to discuss or try to discuss with fellow supporters

I wrote a post not that long ago about questions that needed asked and answered regarding Ross Wilson and i was told by some, how it read to me in their response that with absolute certainty, Ross Wilson was a broker of deals for players that current managers wanted. So players like:


For instance, it had absolutely nothing to do with the DOF, all were wanted under the current manager at the time? Ross Wilson was just there to broker the deals? Yet, he has to be given the credit for signing Bassey and Aribo and selling them for profit.

So that had absolutely nothing to do with the current manager at the time. They didn't instruct him to buy and sell those players that was all Ross Wilson the broker idea was it?

So what was Ross Wilson? An overpriced Broker who we can replace with someone on a much lower wage? To broker deals on players the manager wants? Or was he perhaps an over paid, over hyped DOF who had a lot to do with current incomings under his tenure.

Nottingham Forest want him what for, just to be a great broker, or a DOF? What is the role of a DOF at our great club, is he just a Broker? Well apparently he is according to a few in the know on here?

I've read some say he worked with one hand tied behind his back. Really?, why is that? All he was doing was bringing in players managers wanted. Surely managers knew their budget? So all players wanted should have been worked within their budget?

Or was it our current board did nothing to help him, gave him no funds or not nearly enough funds then? as he's working with one hand behind his back.

So, some fans obviously think a lot about our current Board members and obviously think they haven't given all that they could have to our great club? Yet claim to know a few and tell us on one hand they have done a great job and helped save the club, but in the other tied one hand behind Ross Wilson the brokers back?

And that's why he's leaving and that's why he hasn't been successful as he could have been given his promise when he first came?, after all we're still sitting second with pretty much same squad as when he came. Still relied on the same players, yet a lot of money has been spent?

Did he know when he came he was going to be working with such a small budget as a few have written now? The amount spent since he came here as some have pointed out, not just transfer fees, but wages and signing on bonuses and agent fees etc.

I mean that must have been a really small budget for Scottish football eh? i mean the best DOF on the planet would have really struggled with the funds that's been given to him to recruit for the manager from our Board?

So what we're saying is, the board really have been awful not giving the mangers and Ross Wilson the backing the amount spent so far not been good enough so how much more should he have had? May i ask? how much more does the board need to give Ross Wilson
I mean all players listed above were all wanted by the current manager Ross got them in

So are we saying the mangers have been all to blame for not moving the club forward, for wasting millions of pounds of the clubs money on players who didn't work out loaned and signed? But Ross obviously takes plaudits for Bassey and Aribo and selling Paterson of course? And the failed ones were all the managers?

By the way, to the ex players and the ones who know the Directors within Ibrox, didn't you guys get told about Kent and Morelos? You're privy to know who dictated all these signings and Ross was a broker, so you must also have been told the situation regarding Kent and Morelos for quite a while now?

Why did no one disclose with absolute certainty what these high profile players were going to do - either leave or stay. And in the same breath tell us with absolute certainty Ross Wilson was only a broker? All seems very strange to me to be honest.

My opinion for most of this season is that both would leave. It was also my opinion Ross wouldn't be trusted to handle this summer transfers as i wrote in my article a while back, i didn't believe he could be trusted. Perhaps now Beale will get 100% ownership of who he let's go and buys in and then it will fall firmly at his feet?

Perhaps Beale coming was under the absolute assumption he would take control of who he wanted and that spelt the end of our DOF / Broker? Or whatever you want to call him.

I've realised a few things over my time on here, no one knows with certainty what happens within the walls of the club. No one knows for certain what roles everyone plays. And more importantly the changes that are needed to take us forward. So i hope change is afoot to help our great club move forward and take us back to the top.

Either way, Wilson was backed - Gerrard was backed and so was GVB. Money was spent just look at our wage budget! Someone hasn't done what they were brought here to do so if it's not Ross who was it?

Perhaps as some have said, there are worrying times ahead and we will have to face more troubling times in the future; for whatever reasons they may be?

One thing is for sure though, it won't be anything new that we the fans and the club haven't faced before and overcome. When every Rangers supporter unites, we have overcome adversity.


Remember that 😎💙.

Written by Thestigno1 April 13 2023 18:16:41


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