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Football News: Opinion piece about Liverpool FC Players

Opinion piece about Liverpool FC Players

Does this new formation change now suit more players within the Liverpool squad other than Trent who is the obvious man of the moment.

But the shift allows Curtis to basically play his natural game which is coming in from the left ( where he was deadly in the youth ranks) when joining in with the attack.

As seen with 2 almost identical goals in 2 weeks, I feel it benefits Fabinho massively with Trent stepping in to play alongside not leaving him so isolated when In possession.

Harvey Elliott:
I feel the club knows Harvey is an absolute talent but not quite sure how to unlock his true potential and the right-hand side of the midfield with the double pivot behind will now allow Harvey to play his natural game without leaving Trent isolated.

Although he does still need to work on his defensive side of his game as it's near non-existent but this new formation will allow him more room for error.

Having the extra man in the middle in front and slightly more protected looks to have more confidence and time which he needs with his tad drop in pace.

Looks reinvigorated with more freedom to come inside.

For me is the trump card he looks to be Bobby 2.0 with a bit more pace, which was the 1 chink in Bobby's armour. Doubt Gakpo will be doing the no look passes and finishes, but he holds on to the ball equally good and always seems to play the right pass at the right time. I'm really enjoying watching him every time he plays, a great addition.

Having Curtis on the left allows him to come in on his right foot but still maintaining our width.

All in all, I am really enjoying watching this fluidity with this formation, which I think is suiting the natural part of all the players' games we have, but incorporating them in to a system that works makes it very exciting for next season.

Maybe the major overhaul is now just a little refresh after all.

Be good to see some good constructive opinions on this and not just say it's rubbish and we need a new 11.

Come at me bros.

Written by Dhfc May 17 2023 19:17:53


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