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Football News: Manchester United Shouldn't Contemplate Changing The Manager

Manchester United Shouldn't Contemplate Changing The Manager

Just read some really good threads on the Manchester United rumours site, great input from Shappy, Dlib, Ahmad, Spenno and others. All with differing opinions. I see both sides of the argument and have tolerance for both points of view. I agree it's been a poor watch all season and agree that there is a low tempo to our game and it's a rough watch.

I agree that Anthony and Rashford in particular are frustrating in the extreme for lots of reasons. So I get all those arguments and I am just as frustrated as anybody else on all the above. I also understand there are several mitigating circumstances.

The club circus of Sancho, the takeover, Maguire, Ronaldo, Greenwood and Anthony. All huge public off the pitch issues that create noise and discomfort for all the players and fans. And with all the injuries, it's been a nightmare run. This all has led to unhappiness, discomfort, sides being taken, loss of confidence, loss of form and a general air of negativity.

It's been tough to manage a dressing room with players knowing they are not wanted. A manager knows he has players he doesn't want or trust. It's a mess and Chelsea had the same issues last season.

So all those things considered, I tend to look at the positives and live in hope. There are negative posters at the moment that don't have any positive things to say at all about any aspect of the club. There are positive ones also that tend to look at the positive aspects and are hopeful.

Evolution takes time, and it's tough to watch, but I have seen nothing to suggest that the club should even contemplate changing the manager. Eth has been the most successful 1st year manager of the club in our history.

This season has been a poor start but with huge mitigation imo. Frustrating as it is, you sometimes have to put up with the rain to see the rainbow as there is no magic wand.

Anyone watching United in 1987, 16 months into Fergies reign, there was no settled style, a manager playing his favourites, but 2 years later, things were looking a lot better.

Klopp took until his 3rd season to have cleared out 78% of players he took over and started to really get his team going. Imo this is a 3 to 5 year project and always has been. It is for most managers in the history of football.

Give it time as i'm hopeful the diurnal structure will change soon and we will have subject matter experts in charge of key roles. I'd rather hope for that than moan about inevitable poor runs of form when going through as big a process as this.

These players have been ruling the roost at United for years doing what they want. They are torn to the core, that's what Eth took over. Any player signed or playing before Eth came in will be gone in 18 months or at least 80% of them will.

I hope we see better play soon as I'm as frustrated as anybody with this poor show at the moment. I trust the manager to find the way, the most successful 1st year manager in our history.

Written by Tumbleweed October 27 2023 08:33:50


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