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Football News: Review of every Chelsea signing under Todd Boehly

Review of every Chelsea signing under Todd Boehly

My review of every Chelsea signing under Todd Boehly. Just my opinion, other opinions are welcome.

Sterling - £47.5M - Rating 5/10
I'm a big Sterling Fan, and I thought this was a great transfer. Just under £50m for one of England's best players, and an English Premier League (EPL) proven winger. It has not worked out well, but I think that's more indicative of the club's position than on Sterling. He was great at City, but has been very poor for Chelsea. I hope he can turn it around.

Koulibaly - £33.8M - Rating 4/10
Another signing that I thought was shrewd, but didn't work out. Unfortunate. Financially, a very poor transfer.

Omari Hutchinson - Free - Rating 7/10
Tearing it up for Ipswich Town, impressing. Would like to see him in the team next season.

Slolina - £12M - Rating 6/10
Another one that's too early, but potentially a shrewd signing for the future.

Chukwuemeka - £20M - Rating 7/10
A player who I like, Chukwuemeka has thus far not had much playing time and has probably had his progress stalled from the Chelsea move. Injuries haven't helped.

Marc Cucurella - £62M - Rating 2/10
Cannot say too much positive about this one. An absurd transfer fee for a player who has put out performances worse than Bakayoko for Chelsea. I would be surprised if we could fetch £6.2M for his services after last season, but thankfully this season he has slightly improved.

Casadei - £16M - Rating 3/10
Another one I don't really understand. One for the future, but I think we have better talents in our academy.

Wesley Fofana - £72M - Rating 2/10
£70 million for an injury prone player who had one decent season for Leicester was always a mistake. Evans looked the better player in that Leicester defence, and I'm not sure why we thought it necessary to spend that amount on him. Still young and hopefully he can improve.

Aubemeyang - £12M - Rating 1/10
Baffling transfer. Bought in, presumably as a Tuchel pick and Tuchel was sacked a few days later. Waste of £12 million as he left for free after this, scoring 3 goals.

Zakaria - Loan - Rating 4/10
Very injury prone and did nothing of note.

Badiashile - £32.7M Rating 5/10
I guess he was alright, but never convincing. Will leave in the summer, but I doubt we will recoup over £25M for his services.

DD Fofana - £8.7M Rating 6/10
Too early to tell for this one, but promising signs.

Andrey Santos - £20M - Rating 7/10
A good pickup it seems, but an embarrassingly poor loan to Nottingham Forest stalled his progress. Whoever thought that loan was a good idea made a huge mistake.

Joao Felix - £10M loan fee Rating 0.1/10
Awful business. Absolutely absurd transfer, which made no sense at all.

Mudryk £88.5M - Rating - 3/10
So far it's been very poor from Mudryk and an enormous fee has not helped. He has potential, but for that sort of fee you expect results which have not arrived. I do hope we are patient with him however, as I do see talent.

Madueke £30M - Rating 2/10.
Madueke has not impressed for Chelsea. He's another player I do like, but I don't understand this transfer. Big fee and thus far little reward.

Gusto £26M - Rating 10/10
A master-stroke, Chelsea hit gold with this one. Excellent transfer.

Enzo £106.8M - Rating 3/10
Another curious one, Enzo came off a good World Cup, and the club decided that he was worth £100m and it has not worked out thus far. He has been outplayed by academy graduate Gallagher on almost every appearance and needs to improve for Chelsea. However, he has lots of ability. He just needs to be utilised better.

Nkunku £53M - Rating 8/10
A great pickup but hampered by injuries. I cannot yet comment too much for that reason.

Jackson £32M - Rating 6/10
Sometimes looking like prime Ronaldo, sometimes looking like myself in Sunday league, it's very up and down for Jackson. I do like the pickup though and hope he can continue improving.

Moriera Free - Rating 7/10
Can't comment too much, haven't seen him play. One for the future.

Angelo Gabriel £13M - Rating 6/10
Again can't comment much. One for the future.

Ugochukwu £24M - Rating 4/10
We signed many players like Ugochukwu, so I don't see why he was needed, but one for the future again.

Disasi £38M - Rating 2/10
He has been a mainstay in the defence but I don't personally rate him. He wasn't needed, was not better than Chalobah so spending near 40m on him made no sense to me.

Sanchez £25M - Rating 3/10
Awful, I thought the fee was £15m and I thought that was too much, but £25m for Brighton's third choice keeper after loaning out Kepa for nothing, constitutes a negative rating.

Moises Caicedo £115M - Rating 2/10
Caicedo has not performed for Chelsea. Careless turnovers and limited protection of his defence, he has been thoroughly underwhelming. He's still young. but that money could have got the club Rice, a truly World-Class player and instead we opted for Caicedo, who had one good EPL season under his belt. A clear mistake thus far. I only hope he can improve massively and turn it around. A victim of his price tag unfortunately, but when you're brought in with a big price tag, there's big expectation and he's underwhelmed that massively.

Lavia £58M - Rating 4/10
Lavia, with 30 first team appearances, was brought in by Chelsea for £58m. I don't want to criticise him as he's been injured for the entire duration of his stay, but I think a big mistake was made here for a player that wasn't really needed.

Washington £17M - Rating 6/10
Too early to tell. One for the future.

Petrovic £14M - Rating 8/10.
A good pickup by the club. Potentially at best a backup but a solid pickup none the less.

Cole Palmer £42.5 - Rating 10/10
Another massive pickup from the club and an excellent transfer. I was at first sceptical, as I haven't seen Palmer play, but he's been excellent.

There you have it. That's my review of the Chelsea dealings thus far.

All in all, it's been a massive disaster for the Chelsea owners. A club which was in 3rd, and had won the UEFA Champions League 6 months before, has been utterly ripped apart and made soulless. Instead of following the normal process of slowly replacing a team over 3 seasons, it was done in 1.5. A completely unrecognisable team that doesn't look like it can get near European football without further, big investment.

However, a coach can make massive differences. This team could be excellent under Mourinho or another good coach, and there I would need to eat my words. My ratings are based on myself watching the games and based on transfer fees. We all see games differently, so perhaps you disagree with me massively, but that's okay.

Hope everyone is well.

Written by Standard April 01 2024 13:56:13


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