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Football News: Rangers Squad Rebuild For Next Season

Rangers Squad Rebuild For Next Season

So overall how is the Rangers squad looking for next season?

Butland: Obviously love to keep him and he's a totally class keeper. Unfortunately, he may want a move, but at least we'll receive good money for him.

With both McLaughlin and probably McCrorie leaving, we'll likely need two keepers.


Tav: I've never been one to slate him as he's always given a lot to the team, but he's not the best defender so maybe now is the time to move him on. I think this summer will be the last chance to sell him for any decent return.

Goldson: See above.

Souttar: Yes, he's made mistakes, but if he can cut that out from his game, he is a decent option. He's good in the air and the tackle and decent on the ball.

Davies: Sell him.

Barasic: Release him.

Ridvan: Keep him and hope he has no more injuries.

Balogun: Depending on who we can bring in at CB, may offer him one more year as back up (We already need 2 CBs even if keeping him).

Sterling: Keep him as he might be an option to replace Tav, although he seems best in the defensive-mid position.


Diomande: Keep him as he's the best midfielder we have.

Jack: Release him as he's too injury prone.

Lundstrum: Unsure about him, but he might be away (could also be Turkish nonsense). He has blown hot and cold at times, but can still offer something.

Cantwell: Keep him.

Dowell: He's an unknown quantity, very injury prone, but when fit did seem to offer something. Might be difficult to move on in any case.

Raskin: Very strange player. Looked good at when he first arrived. Not had a sniff since hid injury. Maybe a full pre season may just save him?

Wright: Please sell him.

Matondo: Hopefully we'll sell him as he's far too light weight by continually being injured. He doesn't offer anything other than pace.

Hagi: Hopefully, sell him for a decent fee. Don't think he'll force his way back into the plans.


Lawrence: Sell him as he's not been the same player since his long term injury and only 1 year left on his contract.

Silva: Luckily we can give him back.

Roofe: Release him.

Dessers: Keep him. Although he has his faults, he always works hard and is a decent enough return.

Danilo: Keep and hopefully he stays fit.

Sima: Try to keep him depending on his fee and hopefully he can rediscover his previous form after injuries.

McCausland: He's not good enough, but he's young enough to keep and hopefully develop further, needs to bulk up.

Cortes: Depending on the fee and injury status maybe try to keep him.

Lammers: Sell and hopefully we'll get a decent fee for him. Unfortunately, i think he doesn't suit the Scottish game.


So overall, a huge rebuild required for next year. Anyone think any differently on any players?

Written by Gers78!! April 29 2024 16:28:09


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