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Football News: My Current Opinions On Manchester United

My Current Opinions On Manchester United

Some of my opinions after reading a lot of posts recently.

Erik Ten Hag (EtH) showed some real positive early signs in his first preseason at Manchester United, with a dynamic and modern style of play and the looks of a new identity on the horizon. Fast forward to our first two games and we looked ridiculous trying it in meaningful games. We went from Iqbal playing the 6 in preseason to Erikson at the 6 subsequently losing 4-0 to Brentford.

What happened after that made little sense, imo. We signed Casemiro for the 6 and Antony for £80 million. Varane was relied on as starting CB along with Martial up top. 4 totally inept decisions only followed up by even more confusing decisions since then in the signing of Mount and not playing him, which ultimately has us where we are now. Lacking any style of play at all and falling behind teams in front and around us since and another 'rebuild'.

Yes, there have been and continue to be a crazy amount of injuries. I will always give EtH that. But as manager, it's up to him to come up with a solution and clearly articulate that to the media and fans. What can't be excused is just losing loads of games and being out played every week then him telling us it's okay and actually played well - It's embarrassing.

On to the players - Leopards don't change their spots. We have always had a group of players that lack any leadership and responsibility. They don't all have to captains in the Keane or Souness mould, but just take some bloody accountability and be disciplined enough to carry out basic instructions and work consistently. Some of them need routing out and selling to show some real intent and regain some leadership.

The new part owners - They are saying a lot at moment but nothing groundbreaking or that we didn't already know. They are putting together what looks like a good team and streamlining. Something as a club we have needed to do for a while. If you look at all the consistently well performing Premier League clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City and now Arsenal they all delegate roles within the club to a number of people.

Nothing shows how it can start to unravel when you move away from this, as Liverpool, when Edwards left and his role shared among existing staff. Liverpool have suddenly become a little less consistent on and off the pitch. They have since rectified that now they are changing coaches and I can almost guarantee any drop in stability will be short-lived.

It's not perfect and I know some of their fans are not happy, but it's light-years apart from what we have had and much better suited to consistency, stability and success on and off the pitch. Not much can change between now and the end of the season, but we can at least be doing a few things.

One thing we don't have much of, but that needs to be happening right now, is the taking of accountability. From everyone in positions of power within the club. This is nowhere good enough and is getting worse. From the owners, to the executives and directors all the way through to the coaching staff and players, now is the time to recognise past failures and change.

Another is options - Get ideas to improve things, put the best people in place you can, to put in place those ideas and act fast when you can. If that means the manager and some big name players leave, so be it.

There is a lot of work ahead, but one thing I agree with people like Carragher on is the idea that things can get better a lot quicker than people think. This whole '5 years away' stuff is finger in the sky nonsense. Liverpool have shown, with a couple of good decisions and optimism within the club for the fans, can turn around the direction of a club quickly. It might not always lead to quick success, but it will go a long way to attaining and sustaining it when it does come. Every club can make bad decisions, but you can limit their impact.

Thanks guys :)

Written by CTR May 10 2024 10:30:42


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