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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Canada Talking Points

Formula 1: Canada Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 7 In Montreak


1. Ferrari's Qualifying Pace

Suddenly the Ferrari is quicker in a straight line, despite Mercedes bringing a new Phase 2 engine to Canada. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, it does make you wonder where this pace has been and what they have done to get it. Last time Ferrari kept suddenly developing pace it turned out to be by injecting lubricating oil into the exhaust for a boost in power, which was seen as breaking the regs. Let's just hope this time they have found some genuine pace.


2. Three DRS Zones And Still Very Little Overtaking

All those DRS zones and long straights followed by slow corners and yet still there were very few overtakes. What on earth is going on? The cars have been able to get closer on other tracks than previous years but here it was just gone. It ended up being a bit of a boring race with no one really standing out.


3. Magnusson And Guenther

So funny to hear Guenther Steiner given Magnussen a ticking off over the radio after he had spent so much time whining like a spoilt brat about the car that he had completely trashed and the mechanics had been up all night rebuilding. We get it, the car was not perfect, but his petty whinging was just pathetic. It reminded me of a headmaster stepping in to a class of unruly kids, with his 'that is enough!'


4. Poor Norris

His weekend looked so promising, right up until the point his suspension failed him and dumped him out of the race. Poor guy then got thrown in to the boating lake after the race! The McLaren actually looked competitive in his hands, shame Sainz was not as quick.


5. Vettel's Penalty

I have watched it over and over and I still fail to understand why it is so controversial. Vettel clearly kept his foot in to keep the place and made sure to end up on the racing line (in clear contravention of the rules) to block Hamilton. He can give it all the 'I had nowhere else to go' he wants, but he went off and it is up to him to return to the track safely, rather than racing back to hold his place. What should be being talked about is how he always seems to fold under pressure and make silly errors. This is the second time at Montreal alone. I think we all remember him messing up to give Button the win. This is not the first time this season, after all he spun when under pressure earlier in the season.

His sulk afterwards was extremely embarrassing and it seems to be forgotten now that he messed up in all the talk about 'stealing the race' from him. I get why he did it and almost any racer would do the same thing in his position, but he knows he broke the rules and I think he is just upset with his own mistake as much as anything. He cost himself the win, no one else.


6. Haas

Just to return to Magnussen and Steiner for a bit, what on earth has happened to Haas? The season started so promisingly for them and they looked extremely competitive, now they are fighting with Williams at the back. How have they fallen so far?

Written by Tris Burke June 10 2019 09:44:35